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Scott just called the land owner. He said he was waiting on a call from the guy. But the contract was over at 12 today. So if we wanted to get technical, the land could be ours if we pushed it!!

Ok, breathe, trying not to get too excited!!

Stayed tuned for updates about the land. Supposedly we are going to hear an update this afternoon.

Last night we went out for hamburgers with Carla & Dwayne and went to Target afterwards. Somehow a trip meant to replace a pair of $6 sunglasses turned out a bill for $120. Ugh, that’s why I try to steer clear of there and Wal-Mart. I wasn’t even going to go for the glasses but Emma really wanted to go somewhere after eating. I went to the gym later in the evening. That’s 3 times this week. Yippee! I would feel great if I could get there one more time.

Today has been crazy. Scott is working. The girls are being pretty good but I’m doing too many things at once. Our youth pastor wants me to get our youth group set up on a new web site of our own. So I was talking to him about packages and domain names and talking to my hosting provider about getting another (free) account set up with him. On top of that, I went to our reunion meeting Wednesday night and for some odd reason I volunteered for SOMETHING ELSE. The girl getting the bank account set up has not done so. So since MIL works at a bank, I told her I would get it set up. So I called them and if I set it up under my social, I have to pay interest income on it and be responsible for any overdrafts, etc. She told me to get a TaxID number from the IRS. So I actually called IRS’s 800 number–which I thought was a scary thing but they were REALLY helpful–and had a number within 10 or 15 minutes. So the bank lady that MIL referred me to supposed to call me back. I really hope she does it today so I have that out of the way. We’re supposed to get up with the youth pastor about the domain name tonight. I want to get it set up under his account so again, I don’t have to worry about charges, etc.

Mom is planning to come get the kids later today and MIL is having to work the yard sale at our church tonight and tomorrow so she’s not getting Emma. She’s supposed to get her Monday night. Whew, I’m worn out again just talking about all this stuff. Later.

So the land thing…Scott is ALL ABOUT getting this land now. It’s not even a question of if we will get it, just if it’s available and then how soon we would close. Scott talked to the owner again last night. He is ALL ABOUT us getting the land. But he won’t know until Friday if one or both of them already have been sold to someone else or not. So we’re on hold for a few days.

What’d we do last night…I cooked dinner AGAIN. I went to the gym AGAIN. I’m on a roll, people. We went to Home Depot for a quick trip when I got home and then the girls actually went swimming in their little pool. I didn’t make another trip to Starbucks last night because it was storming and I can’t connect to work from there so I ended up working here with no White Mocha :(. Yes, I know, such a hard life I lead.

I went to the orthodontist this morning. He adjusted my retainers some more. I think that’s a good sign. MIL should be picking up the girls this afternoon and then I have a reunion meeting tonight and church. Hopefully I can fit a gym trip in this afternoon.

Have I mentioned that I have realized that both MIL and my mother have just started menopause. Lord, help us all and I mean that literally.

I think Emma’s addicted to computer video games. She’s figured out how to use the Playhouse Disney web site. She can go from show to show, game to game and play them all by herself. I embarrassed at how many HOURS she was on there yesterday. But she loved it. That was the first time I had let her stay on that long. Lexi was in a really good mood yesterday. Not sure what that was about. But she was all smiles all day.

I cooked dinner last night and then all four of us went to the gym. It was going to be just me then Emma wanted to go but she wanted Lexi to go. It was pouring down rain and I didn’t want to take both of them by myself so I convinced Scott to go. So all of us trekked through the rain to the Y. Lexi was getting a bit antsy about staying when I was signing her in. But then they had Beauty and the Beast on and she stayed with no problems. And Emma said Lexi didn’t cry at all. Yay!

I ended up at Starbuck’s at 9:30 last night with my computer. I stayed until about 11 and worked. I couldn’t connect to the Internet so it was pure work. And I got A LOT done. I’m thinking about doing the same thing tonight.

So looks like we might be “moving again” on this land thing. Scott randomly rode down the road to see again if he liked the street and ran into a neighbor who is a school teacher from our high school. He talked to her for awhile. Apparently her family and a couple others own hundreds of acres around there and don’t plan to sell it. The two that are for sale are probably going to be it. And the kicker is he found out that the owner of the land is an old family friend. So Scott called him up right away and talked to him about the land. Supposedly he has already talked to a guy who wants both lots but if he’s not committed, he’ll sell us one lot. So we’re back to figuring out if we can afford that. Which I think we can especially since both of us are due for a raise next month. Scott already got his notice for how much his is and I should be due for a decent one since it’s been almost 2 years since I’ve had one. Plus, we do have money that we waste (don’t we all!). If we were desperate, I’d tap into the money we set aside for savings, but I REALLY don’t want to do that. I don’t think it’s a smart thing to do anyway. If anything, I’d be willing (grudgingly) to give up some things like the gym. What’s really cool is we just started looking at some house plans the night before we found out all of this stuff. I sort of gave up on the land idea but for some reason it all keeps coming back to us. So maybe it’s an open door we need to walk through!

We ended up staying mostly at the house Saturday. We went to Chick-fil-a with the girls and Carla and Dwayne and they had Skyler. The kids played well on the playground there. We went to Steak ‘n Shake for Sippable Sundaes after that. Yum! Emma went to Mom’s Saturday night and C&D stayed to watch Freedomland. It was kind of a weird movie.

Sunday we went to church and went out to eat for dinner. Emma stayed at MIL’s for the afternoon while Lexi came home for a nap. I did get a little cleaning done. Sunday evening we stayed at Mom’s and cooked Scott’s famous fish dinner. That’s basically it for the weekend. Nothing exciting!