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Mom and Baby are still doing good. C should be in the hospital until Sat prob. They are expecting E to be in there for 4-6 weeks. So I’m guessing I’m not seeing the last of the hospital for awhile. I didn’t make it over there last night unfortunately. I had a small fiasco with ordering the girls portraits yesterday. I called my mom 1 hour before I had my appt and she was on the rampage. My sister tried to warn me she was having a bad day (bad day and menopause don’t mix well by the way). I wished she would have just hung up on me for my own good. I ended up with $300 bill at the photographer just so everyone got what I thought they wanted. Then later had a conversation with her and she didn’t really care if she got the separate poses. Ok, mom!! So now I call the photographer and not only did I pay for the whole thing while I had been there but she’s already placed the order with the lab. So she’s going to call this morning and hopefully it will be all fixed and I can save myself about $80.

Sunday starts Sunday School. I’m not extremely excited about the material I’ve got to teach but I’m hoping the other lessons get better than the first. The girls all seem pretty excited about the bible study. Some of them were asking several times for their books from me last night. They had another record night of youth which is really awesome.

We’ve got this little Tropical Storm headed this way. It’s already been really rainy for 24 hours. Too bad Scott didn’t plant some grass!

I have absolutely no plans for the weekend. Scott is working on Labor Day so I suspect I’ll be headed to some cookout with the girls.

Look at this little one! Welcome E! He is doing so good. 2lbs 4oz, 15 1/4″. He’s even breathing on his own. God is so good! We have seen God all over these past couple of days. C is really calling this a God thing. Amazing!

Big news here..C has preeclampsia and is having her baby tomorrow!!! Please pray for them because she is only 30 weeks along.

Man, I’m staying busy, that’s for sure. With the bible study and sunday school gearing up and the web site taking off, I’ve stayed busy in my spare time. The kids really seem to like it and are participating a good bit. It’s good to see.

So Lexi did really, really good in school this week. She still cries when I go get her, but no tears when I drop her off. And she learned prayer hands! That’s what they call it at school and you should see her fold her little hands together, put her chin to her chest and look up at you. It’s SO cute! And supposedly they all have assigned seats at the snack table and know where to go–I know Lexi knows where her chair is for snacks! And they are even sitting them down for story time. Unbelievable.

Emma of course is having a blast. She says there’s another Emma in her class and they call her Emma and Emma, Emma Grace. I don’t really know how they figured out how to call her Emma Grace, but fine with me.

Scott hasn’t been doing anything much around the house lately. No additions, fences or decks going up. He’s been taking it easy for the past couple months. It’s been too hot to do anything anyway.

Really, I stay on my computer a lot. Usually doing something on the web site, getting a virus off my laptop or else trying to catch up on my Beth Moore videos. Which, by the way, are fantabulous. Definitely recommend ya’ll signing up for that at

That’s about it for now. Tomorrow is D’s birthday and I think we might go shopping. Yay!

I think Lexi said her first 3 word sentence last week. “That’s my book!” More like “tha ma buh”. It counts. And she’s started this full-on pouting. She pouts her lip and tucks her chin down to her chest.

We changed our bible study topic back to what one of the students recommended, Every Young Woman’s Battle. I will probably be ordering books this week. I went out and bought mine and read it over the weekend. It’s a short but information packed book about sexual purity for teenage girls. I think it’s sort of common sense stuff but it comes out and says things that a lot people refrain from talking about. At least in a group setting. And usually with a little grin or giggle even in private. Hopefully the girls will walk away with something that will help them through single life.