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Lexi sick

So Lexi threw up Saturday night randomly and then yesterday afternoon and then again at like midnight last night.  This is also not counting Monday night before last night and Saturday before last.  They all seem so unrelated and she has no fever.  So I made her a dr’s appt for late this afternoon.  I really don’t want to go just for them to tell me to give her a BRAT diet but I really don’t want anything else to be wrong and miss it.  So we’re going.


Lexi ended up staying with Emma at MILs on Friday night.  Scott and I went out to Target late but it was really nasty outside so it wasn’t all that great.  And then we woke up early on Saturday.  He went off with a friend and I went to the gym.  Boy, you can tell I haven’t been very often lately.  I had to leave within 30 minutes.  But of course I never have much energy in the morning when I go. I don’t know how those people go at 5:30 in the morning.

So I had a meeting at church around lunchtime and I got the girls from MIL then.  We then cleaned out my closet and I wouldn’t even mention except to say I am donating 2 garbage bags full of clothes and I took out my summer clothes.  I don’t think my closet has EVER been so cleaned out.  It was quite a job.  That evening was the Fall Festival at church.  Both the girls looked cute and had a really good time.  Lexi cracked me up with getting suckers out of everyone’s basket and wanting to open each one as she got it.

 Sunday was the usual church, eat (ate at C&D’s house), nap, church.  Emma and I did make homemade cupcakes for Lexi’s class today because Friday is her birthday.  I tasted one last night and it was REALLY good.  Emma and I had a good time.  Me and her with leftover icing and cake batter was dangerous but it was fun.  She’s such a good helper these days.

Tonight is our last bible study.  I created this layout thing to teach the lesson from and I was pretty happy with it.  Hopefully they will like it too.  I’m not sad about not having to prepare two lessons each one (one for BS and another for SS) but I am sad about losing that connection with the girls each week.  Maybe we will plan on a monthly outing just to keep us in touch.  I know we see each other at youth but it’s not the same.

Party Day

Last night I was supposed to go to a Pampered Chef party and Emma was going to go with me.  Scott had to go visit someone so I was going to have Heather watch Lexi at the house for about an hour.  Well, Mom calls an hour before I needed to leave and said she and Heather were coming to pick up Lexi.  So of course Emma cried when she realized Lexi was going off without her and Mom ended up taking both of them.  I went to the party at S’s house and then met Mom at her house with the girls.  Apparently she took them up to Clt to shop and didn’t get back to her house until after 9.  So the girls didn’t get to bed until after 10 last night.  And they slept in until 9 this morning.  I’m supposed to go in the office at lunch today.  Mom was supposed to get the girls but it looks like she has errands to run so Scott will have them himself this afternoon.  Which I think is ok.  He’s been doing pretty good as long as he keeps his sling on.  But it is a very rainy day today and I’m thinking I’d rather not go in.  But I don’t want to attempt the meeting I have on a conference call.

 Yesterday we took the girls to their Fall Festival at their school.  They both loved their costume.  Lexi even wore her big fluffy Snow White costume onthe way there and the whole time she was there.  She looked so cute.  And Emma even wore her wig the whole time.  Unbelievable.  Lexi was into the games and candy.  I was surprised. 

 I talked to their teachers and apparently Emma is the “idea maker” in the class.  She tells everyone what they’re going to play and everyone goes along with it.  There is another Emma that is in the class that is her best friend.  Lexi’s teachers thought she was very smart and really has “matured” the past couple of weeks. Which I have seen that too.  They said she is now handing over her paci and blankie when she walks in the door and never asks for it. They believe she is talking more because she doesn’t have that in her mouth.  We really need to get rid of it.  Maybe after we get back from Maryland next week and Scott is still out of work we can attack that.  Ugh, I’m cringing just saying that.

Odds and ends

This week has been SLOW.  I don’t think I’ve gotten showers until lunch or after.  Work is slow.  We’ve done barely anything really since the lock-in last Thursday.  Last night just the four of us went to get Japanese which was a half-pleasant experience.  I only say half-pleasant because Lexi was wanting to get out of the seat until the food got there and then I spent the whole time telling Emma to eat or asking Lexi to eat, etc.  And then, to top it off, I went to the restroom at the end and dropped my keys in the toilet.  It was clean water and I hadn’t gone yet.  I stared down at the keys and I was like, that’s $250 sitting down there, I’ve got to get it out.  So yes, I reached IN the water to get them out and rinsed them as best as I could.  Oh well.  But the girls ate pretty good while they ate and I was able to finish my meal.  So that’s good.

Scott and I have been playing Scrabble almost nightly the past few days.  I LOVE Scrabble although I usually lose.  However, I managed a 100 point win last night over him.  Usually my sister gets in on our games if she’s here but it’s just been us this week.  Which is kind of nice.  Because we actually are doing something together that is not required and it’s just for fun.  And it’s at home.  Well, I can think of one more thing like that we do, but hey, this isn’t THAT type of blog.  LOL.

In other news, Lexi has thrown up a couple times in the past 5 days.  Saturday morning was random but I think it was due to a bunch of Sprite she drank Friday night which she has never done and then yogurt on top of that.  She was fine all weekend and then threw up a good bit Monday night.  And of course that was red kool-aid.  And then she had some more of that kool-aid Tuesday morning and threw up a little more.  And then she was fine.  So I think that was due to the stir-in red kool-aid stuff she’s never had.  Anyway, she’s eaten chicken, fruit, crackers, pop-tarts and stuff since then so she seems fine and it doesn’t seem like a virus.

Next Wednesday we have decided to go to Maryland until the next Sunday.  Whoo Hoo!  I’m technically out of vacation except for a few hours I intend to take at Christmas when we go up so I will be working from up there.   Bummer, but what else can I do?  At least it will be different and I will be able to see family.

Lexi’s birthday is next Friday so we’re having a double-party for them while we’re up there.  My [extended] family never gets to see them on their birthdays so I think it’s pretty cool.  Although my ILs didn’t seem to like the idea.  But I never apologize when it comes to that because they get to see them like 3 times a year and if they situations were reversed, it would be the same for them.

 Monday I am taking snacks to Lexi’s class for her birthday.  Hopefully this won’t be one of those things that stresses me.  I was thinking about getting Emma to decorate some cookies and maybe taking all the kids some bubbles or something.  I mean, what do 18mo-2 yr olds really want??  Half of them will not even realize what is going on.  I’m hesitant to go in her room.  I’m afraid she’ll have a fit when I leave if I go into her classroom. But I would really like to see how things work around there so I’m going to try to go.  Not sure how that will work with my work but I’m going to try.  Especially since usually drop her off at 8:45 and they don’t eat snack until 9:40.  Maybe I’ll just take in the snacks.  Who knows.

Week 7

I was REALLY not looking forward to bible study last night.  I think I mentioned that last week.  Anyway, I was almost sick to my stomach before the lesson last night.  I stared at that lesson all day yesterday and could not get in my head how I wanted to teach it.  I even talked to Scott about it, researched on the Internet, printed this and that.  Finally, an hour before I had an idea. It was very simple, very pared down from what I originally planned.  And it turned out well I think.  Only one week left.  And maybe some type of group fun thing.  Actually we went to Starbucks with a couple of them last night.  That was fun. 

Oh, and “the girl” in my bible study showed up basically high on half a bottle of NyQuil–on purpose.  She could barely walk and her talk was slurred and she kept saying she couldn’t think straight.  I didn’t know what to do except I told her I didn’t think it was funny and she was seriously going to end up hurting herself.  I talked to the youth pastor today and Scott said I should have called the police.  Ugh.