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Bring the Rain

There’s a song playing on Christian radio right now by MercyMe Bring the Rain.  I get so pumped up by that song.  Here’s the chorus:

Bring me joy, bring me peace
Bring the chance to be free
Bring me anything that brings You glory
And I know there’ll be days
When this life brings me pain
But if that’s what it takes to praise You
Jesus, bring the rain

By the time the song ends, I’m like yeah, bring it on.  But then you go to Especially Heather and you read of what her daughter Emma Grace and the family has been through and now to see her going through cancer herself it’s like, woah, do I really mean bring the rain?  I mean, maybe I could handle some sprinkles but storms like that?  I’m not sure if I’m ready to pray for that.

I have no doubts God would give me the patience, peace, wisdom and perserverance to go through what she is going through, but I’m not sure I’m ready to ask for any rain.  So in saying that, praise God that He picked the right woman to let her be a modern day Job and she stands tall and proud, giving God praise the whole way through.  


Today was a good day.

This morning me and the girls were out the door at 9:15 to go to my cycling class. After that, I headed to MILs to drop the girls off. When I got home, I immediately got in the pool and lounged for an hour in complete silence.  That was fantastic.  Then I came in and took a nap in Emma’s bed for 2 hours.  That was fantastic.  Scott was up by then and he went to pick up the girls.  Soon after they got home we headed to Mom’s and stayed there for the rest of the evening.  Although I wouldn’t called it fantastic, we did have fun playing tag, running races and playing Red Rover in the yard after we got back from dinner.  We’ve just gotten home and I put the girls to bed.  So all in all, today’s been a great day.

We miss you, old house

Emma:  Why did Grandma have to get a new house.

Me: She just wanted one.

Emma: I miss the old house.

Me: I miss the old house a little too.

Emma: I miss it a lot.

Me: What do you miss about the old house?

Emma: Everything.

Aww…I knew she might have a hard time.  Poor thing.  And really, I miss it a lot too.

June 28, 1993

Well, last Wednesday night G and I sat and watched the video from camp and talked.  I had to leave and I got up and he pulled me back down and asked me out for Saturday.  I had to go, so I stood up and so did he.  The way he was looking at me I seriously thought if he was ever going to kiss me it would have been then.  He just hugged me and I left.  Sunday we sat together and I met his dad.  He seemed pretty cool.  Sunday night we sat together.  Afterwards we talked and then hugged goodbye.  Hold up – I totally forgot to tell you about Saturday.  We met at 2:00 and walked all around the mall.  Learning his mom is in charge of his money, he doesn’t like the kind of clothes I like on guys [I should have called it quits then and saved myself some time]- but hey, that’s okay.  At 4:00 I got something to eat and we sat until 5:00 (when I left) and talked.  I can’t even remember what we talked about.  But anyway, we’re going to the Kenny G concert together for my birthday [really?? I do NOT remember that] .  N might come.  We hugged good-bye and agreed we should do something together again.  Anyway about Sunday.  I went to go find Mom, Dad and Heather in the FLC and they were going to get ice cream at the ice cream social.  So I went back to the sanctuary and talked to G for awhile.  Tonight we sat together at Bible study and talked afterward and just hugged.  I’m going to PA Wednesday and won’t see him for at least a week.  It seems we’re really very opposite, but we get along really well.  Opposites attract I guess.  I mean he’s not ugly, he’s a Christian, he’s taking things slowly progressing, from what S says, will be a very strong and committed relationship [i have no idea what i just said, sorry].  It just seems everything is right.  Some things we don’t agree on stuff (clothes) but we can’t agree on every single little thing.  I’m really going to miss him alot.  I don’t know who we’re staying with in PA.  Meme was really sick on Sunday and Mom went down [to the altar to pray for her] in Meme’s place and Mom called Meme Monday morning and Meme said she was feeling a whole lot better.  Thank the Lord.  The hospital is doing good.  Today this guy Danny introduced himself to me during my break.  He seemed really nice.  There is this guy that looks REALLY GOOD that works there.  There’s another guy who I believe is a doctor who looks good tall and dark hair.  We kept looking at each other, but when I was leaving I think he was asking some girl out.  Well, we finally got my room redone.  It’s black and white (really cream).  I like it alot.  Anyway, I’m really glad G and I are I guess you could say starting something. S was talking to him at work on Saturday and she said every other word was Amy.  I’m glad someboy I like is respectable and likes me.  I mean C…G…P.  What do I have/can to say?  Well, I just thank God He sent somebody I can finally feel comfortable with and nothing to hide or be ashamed of.  Finally!  Keep in touch!


Today was work, pool, VBS.  That’s about it.  I took Lexi to VBS thinking I’d take the pictures I needed and go home if she was acting clingy but as soon as I sat down with her in the sanctuary, she fell asleep and stayed asleep until 8.  So I got everything done and stayed until Emma was done at 8:30.

MIL called tonight and she’s going to get the girls tomorrow morning.  I’m going to try to clean tonight so I can spend all day doing my own thing tomorrow.  Yahoo!