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a bloggy christmas with oh amanda

Go here for some weekly giveaways getting ready to start up. 

I just found Amanda I think through Fall Y’all Giveaway and am enjoying her site so far.  And no, I’m not getting paid for this one.  I’m just sharin’ the free stuff…for free.

Monetizing my Blog Update

OK, today’s the last day of October.  You know, in case you haven’t seen a calendar today.  Sorry, I’m being silly. 

Although I gave an update the other day on PayPerPost, I wanted to give a full monthly update since this is the last day of the first month.  I technically didn’t start posting until October 7 for PPP and I think October 11 for PayU2Blog so this is actually only 3 weeks of posts.

This got really long, so read the rest of the entry…

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ER Scare

S was over here after school and before MIL picked all the girls up and they were all outside playing.  Both Emma and S got ants all over them but S especially.  We quickly got the ants off her but she had gotten bitten a good 15 times before she was clear.  I put some StingEaze on her and gave her some Benadryl just in case after MIL seemed nervous about it.  And no one knew if she was allergic to the bites or the Benadryl. 

Well, they all load up and go and the next thing I know I’m getting a call on the phone while I’m on a conference call that I don’t answer and then my cell phone rings which I miss.  The phone rings again and I finally pick up my cell phone and Scott is almost yelling about my nephew K rushing home to ride in an ambulance with S and then he hangs up.  Wha??  I walk outside trying to see if I see MIL down the street still.  I try to call Scott back but he doesn’t answer.  He finally calls me back and says, "Oh, Mom called K and said be sure to be home in case he needed to ride in the ambulance with her and she needed to stay with Emma and Lexi."  Whew.  Crisis averted but seems like much ado about ant bites dontcha think?

Blake Lewis single!

I’ve been waiting for Blake Lewis’s music since he was on American Idol and the new single has been leaked!  Head over to to check it out.  Not sure if I like it yet…


*Update – guess it’s not a leak…was on radio yesterday and it’s on his myspace page.

Halloween Plans

I’m getting off easy for Halloween tonight.  Tonight is MIL’s normal night to get them so they will be handing out candy with her.  We are helping host movie night for the youth group.  So yay. I get to get back and relax for the evening.