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A ring and a vacation coming soon

Seriously thinking about buying this ring for our ten year on TwitPic You may have missed the tweet about this ring while we were at the beach a few weeks ago.  I’ve been wanting a new set for a long time.  Ever since I had Lexi (I think) my original wedding set breaks me out.  I consider it a sign. A 2 carat would be expensive but not the ones from this site.

Well, I’ve been thinking our ten year anniversary is the perfect time to “upgrade”.  The store at the beach was the very first store I started looking in and I fell in love with this ring.  It’s actually three rings.  I walked back and forth down the cases and both times down picked out the same ring.  We talked numbers and it was definitely in our budget…actually only a few hundred dollars than he paid for the first one and he got that on a steal back when we were young.  Ok enough hints, we got this one for 1K!!  Can you believe it?  It has a multi-stone diamond on the top so it’s not as if it’s one huge stone but from a distance it looks like it!  I have no idea what the total size is or the clarity or any of that.  All I know is when he brought it back from the jeweler today after getting it sized, it fit like a glove.  Scott wouldn’t let me look at it again because he’s planning to give it to me this weekend when we go on a little weekend trip for our anniversary.

Our anniversary is not really until the 8th but he’s working next weekend.  This weekend we’ve booked two nights at Grove Park Inn in Asheville.  We’ve booked dinners for both Saturday and Sunday nights and brunch for Sunday.  Saturday we have scheduled a couples’ massage and plan to spend most of the day in the Spa.  That is literally part of the Spa we’re going to in the picture.  Wow, I can’t wait to get there!

The girls will be staying with my mom this Friday night and Saturday night with Scott’s mom so they are all covered and excited about it.  I think it will be a great weekend for all of us!

How am I supposed to pick just one?


 IMG_8467 IMG_8460

IMG_8471  IMG_8465 

Amy-ism “Tah-mar”

IMG_8456 My family and friends that know me IRL will probably appreciate this post and add it to "the list".  Sometimes I try to make things a little harder than they are intended.  My mom and I were talking about this just the other night.  As she says, when someone says open a chip bag, just pull it apart, don’t invent some new tool that opens chip bags.  If someone says one thing, I take it ten levels past that on what they might mean.  Case in point, my mom asked me the other night to go for coffee which she has NEVER done and I thought someone was dying.  I still think I’m justified there, but anyway. 

This morning I was sitting in the kids’ bathroom and reading the back label of the kids’ detangler bottle as I’m wont to do while I *ahem* sit in the bathroom.  As I was reading along, it seemed to me that they had put both English and Spanish words on the label. 



So as I got here


I read the first line as "L’Oreal Kids Tangle (Tah-mar) is so gentle, it’s tear free."

as the word Tamer might have been Spanish.  Except I don’t even think that’s how you’d pronounce it Spanish.  Besides the point.

The second phrase wasn’t any better.


"L’Oreal Kids Tangle (Tah-mar) smells so good"

In my very small Spanish dictionary in my head I was cycling through what the word Tamer might be.  Because sometimes I do that.  I know.  No need to laugh.  I started to get suspicious of my thought process and why there might only be ONE Spanish word in the whole sentence and turned the bottle around.


Oh.  Tangle Tamer.  Got it.

More on the man next door

I’ve mentioned our elderly neighbor before.  Well…I think he’s getting worse.  The other week he called over to our house and was concerned because he’d been seeing a man hanging out in his shed at night.  He talked about not wanting to shoot him because he knew he’d get in trouble but we’d better be careful.  It kind of scared me a little and I started locking my doors after dark.  Normally, I wait until when I go to sleep to do that.  He complained a few times again about it but every time he said he saw someone, no one could see anybody. We started to get a bit suspicious on what he was seeing.

The other day he had two county officers over at the house and I could see him pointing to his backyard.  I’m sure he had seen someone again and had called the police.

Yesterday I got a phone call from his daughter about lunchtime who we know as well and she asked if I could see someone in his backyard. He said someone was sitting in his garden.  I peek out my window and see nothing. I go outside to get a better look and nothing.  His daughter says ok.  They’ll probably ride by just to make sure everything is ok.

Last night Scott goes to talk to him and he has put an envelope on a chair held down by rocks for the guy to read.  He also has his son in law install motion lights in his backyard.  He tells Scott the guy doesn’t take anything and he just needs somewhere to stay.  Apparently he used to stay in the neighbor’s shed but it started to leak water so now he uses his.  He says he waves to him at night from his bedroom window and he waves back.

I feel bad for the guy.  His family agrees he’s losing it a bit.  We have yet to see anyone and there are no footprints or anything disturbed that would show he has had any visitors.  It would be a little funny except that this guy is probably worrying himself to death over this and probably driving his wife crazy.  But I have to admit it was a little shocking to receive this text from Scott today:

“He just told me he saw a guy giving another guy a BJ last night in his shed.”

Apparently he stopped Scott today and had forgotten he ever told Scott about any of this.  He told him he had a guy that was hanging out in his shed lately and last night 5 guys show up with him and that had happened.  He wants Scott to come by tonight when he’s working.

Honestly I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at all that.

Q&A #2

I know I said I probably wouldn’t do another one, but look!  I got another question!

Do you feel unfulfilled in life: are there goals, visions, dreams, etc….that are still out there…somewhere…

This answer I didn’t have to think about.  I do not feel unfulfilled AT ALL.  If I could have written down exactly what I’d be doing at age 30, I’m doing exactly that.  In fact, I may have done a post at one time about a paper I wrote in school about where I might be.  I matched it almost exactly.  I went to college for Computer Science, got married at young age, have two children, have a job as a programmer, have a nice house and vehicles, etc.  Maybe my dreams, goals and visions were ordinary and very American dream-ish but I feel like I’ve met them.  And I think I’ve mentioned before that’s why I had a hard time turning 30.  Everything I had on paper to do in life was done.  I have yet to dream about what we might do with our teenage children or how it might feel to be a grandmother or what we might do during retirement.  It’s not to say my life is over it’s just I feel very fulfilled.  I think the only dream I have right now that has just surfaced in the past few years is I’d like to write a book.  I’m not sure yet what about or when but it’s one of those goals I wrote on paper a few years back.  I guess we’ll see about that one.