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My Hot Spots

Well, my house’s hot spots anyway.  We won’t get into MY hot spots.  Ahem.  I was able to get things a bit cleaned this evening and realize there are a few places that if they get cleaned, I know I must have been serious about cleaning.  Those spots are:

  • My bathroom floor…especially this little corner on the floor at the bottom of the tub that I stare at every time I go to the bathroom.  It drives me nuts and I always make sure to get it extremely clean when I finally do clean it (I cleaned it today and I’ll give myself a pat on the back every time I go to the bathroom for the next few days).
  • The side counter top in the kitchen.  I dump all of my papers and everything else I don’t know what to do with there. I have to make a concerted effort to get it clean.  It’s not clean right now.
  • The playroom.  It’s an “event” to get that room cleaned.  It’s almost clean right now but only because Scott rearranged everything in there recently.  Not because I cleaned it recently.
  • A little table in my office.  The girls use the table for crafts and ALWAYS have some sort of stamp, marker or paper on there.  It’s not clean right now either.

Some of those are what FlyLady calls Hot Spots.  I should take her advice and just work on those every day a little at a time.  Since FlyLady actually has a name for these I’m guessing I’m not the only one with places like these?

Changes in the Air

I’m not one to blog about my professional life much but let’s just say there are two major banks that made a deal late last night which I may be affected by.  And if I’m not personally, family and friends will be for sure.  I know most of us are in shock over it.

In fact, I had no clue that anything happened until someone sent me a message on facebook saying sorry to hear about the deal and I had no clue what they meant and ignored it until I sat on a status meeting today and everyone was buzzing over it and I had to check to see what in the heck they were talking about.  I obviously was behind on the news this morning.

So anyway, the next days and months should prove pretty interesting.

Bryson City 2008

This weekend went really well.  It ended up being a gorgeous weekend.  Our cabin turned out nice (albeit no WIFI and with lots of goats) and although our Events Coordinator (Scott) didn’t plan any activities so well (well, to his credit he had thought we’d go tubing but it was WAY too cold for that), we ended up filling our time nicely.  We didn’t get in Friday until 9:30 so we just spent time around a little camp fire until late.

Saturday we went out to breakfast, did the Old Tyme Photo and then headed up to Gatlinburg for the day.  We went through a haunted house, went up the Sky Lift, did a little shopping and ate lunch.  We headed back and had our planning meeting and ate dinner in.  We ended the night with smores which were fantastic.  And yes, I had a Isagenix shake for dinner but splurged on the smores. So worth it.  We were up and out the door Sunday morning by 9:30 so it was a pretty quick trip overall.  If you want to see all the pictures head over here.

First Lunch with Emma

Not much to say except while waiting for Emma I thought I might have nightmares a school, with a bunch of strangers, not sure where to go or how this whole lunch thing was going to work.  No wonder Emma cried for two weeks.  Lunch food is nasty.

(Emma was scowling, trying to tell me there was NO talking while the red cups were out)

Emma and I had a good time. But she cried when I left.  She hasn’t cried at school in over two weeks and I thought she would be ok.  It wasn’t overly dramatic crying and the teacher walked with her back to class.  Unless Emma makes a big deal of me coming back, I’ll probably wait awhile for a second visit.

Thursday night TV

OK, so I have to comment a bit on TV last night.  I let Grey’s have priority and watched that first and then The Office.  Well, clearly, I was mistaken and should have done it the other way.

The Office

  • Jammy Jam!  They got engaged!  I honestly was shocked.  Did. not. expect their last minute lunch date to turn into THAT.  It was just lovely.  As much as gas station proposals can be lovely.
  • I actually felt bad for Andy.  That whole I’d marry you in a monsoon thing…I was like, aw, he really loves her.
  • I could have sworn that Michael was going to make them all strip to make it look like they lost a bunch of weight.
  • Dwight?  Funny but ewwww…what is she thinking?
  • The 212 thing?  I’m so doing that when I go to New York next week…here I come 2 1 2.
  • Ryan and Kelly? I was so proud of her for dissing Ryan but then see she is still in crazy love with him and acting childish.
  • The cleansing thing was HILARIOUS to Heather and I since we were right in the middle of it this week.
  • The cheesecake kick?  Fabulous.
  • Have I ever mentioned I LOVE JIM!


  • That episode was just ok.  I think it had too much about the medical and not enough of the drama.
  • I thought Meredith was over all this whininess.  I wanted some closet action!
  • Not a fan of Callie and Erica AT ALL but I’m glad they aren’t jumping right into it.  Glad they are like what just happened?
  • What was with Alex making out with a random girl with no shirt on staring at Izzie.  That was just weird.
  • And I actually didn’t like the dream with Denny.  Yes,  I miss Denny but the scene just, I don’t know, came out of nowhere.
  • The icicle not melting is driving me BANANAS!
  • I do like Major Hottie and Cristina.  Best thing going on in the ep.