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NKOTB Concert

Colleen, Melissa, Lindsey and I ate downtown before heading to to the big NKOTB concert.  To be honest, I had no intentions of going.  I was a HUGE NKOTB fan back in the day.  I even blogged about their return back in April but never really followed through with catching up with them.  However, Colleen got an email about a 4 pack in the nosebleed section for $28 a pop so I couldn’t pass it up.  As the date grew closer this week, I got more excited…even going back and listening to some old songs yesterday to see how much I remembered (a lot!).

First I have to say I noticed that the entire audience were women.  Seriously I only remembered seeing 2 men, one of which was on the screen.  And they weren’t teenagers either.  Actually, I really don’t remember teenagers at all.  I’m pretty sure most of them were in their late 20’s and 30’s.  It was like everyone that was in middle school and high school in the late 80’s/early 90’s all had a reunion in order to stand and scream for 4 hours.  Almost twenty years of fangirl excitement coming out in one loud, four hour screaming session.

Needless to say, we were all surprised about how good they were.  They did a mix of old and new stuff. I hadn’t heard but one of their new songs and have to say they have some great dance songs out.  Dirty Dancing had to be my favorite.  Maybe because they came out into the audience on a revolving stage and danced singing about a girl dirty dancing on them.  You can’t imagine what that did for our temporarily regressed middle school minds.

Oh, one exciting thing was when we went to go get seated, they said our section was getting moved downstairs to some better, empty seats so we got REALLY good seats for what we paid.

And yes, it was all cheese.  Cheesy, choreographed boy band dancing to cheesy songs and cheesy lyrics.  One thing I can say is the guys CAN sing.  I don’t think I realized how well Jordan could sing.  He sang several of the songs, hitting some amazing falsetto notes.  I thought Joe would be featured more than he was but he did really well when he was.  And Donnie did a little rapping, not much but he was definitely the ring leader of the entire show.  He was the best dancer of them all by far and I remembered why I owned that Donnie button back in the day.  Yes, he is still my favorite.  Jordan WAS cute in his scarf or even lack thereof during his solo.  Danny sang a few noteworthy bass notes and did some breakdancing at one point.  Jon firmly stayed in the background the whole time but he looked good.

I don’t know, we had a FABULOUS time.  It was like one huge girls night out and no one cared how or if the person next to them was dancing.  We all had cheesy smiles on our face and squeezed the person’s arms next to us and screamed when they did a pelvic thrust.  It was fangirl heaven for those few hours.  I’m really glad I got to go.

Melissa is supposed to be putting up some pictures but here is a montage of video I caught.  Excuse the hands waving, the screaming and the jostling of the camera as I danced behind it.

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I think he forgot he took his Halloween costume off

I’m sitting at my desk working away and Scott walks from the living room/kitchen area: What do you have in the washer?

Me: Lexi’s blanket.  She wanted it washed.

Lexi, from other room: Mattie licked it and I wanted it washed.

Him: You should go put it in the dryer.

Me: Me? Why? I’m sitting here working and you’re twice as close.

He moves onto the elliptical in the office: Come on, mommy, go dry her blankie for her.

I get up, annoyed: OK, I’m sitting here but yet I have to get up to do this. Whatever.

He follows me into the kitchen into the laundry room.  I open up the lid to the washer and it farts (sorry, I don’t usually use that word, it’s just fitting).  I spot his fart machine sitting on top of the blanket.  He cracks up laughing, lying his head in his arms on the kitchen counter

Me, rolling my eyes and throwing the wet blanket into the dryer: Do you have to be so juvenile?

He’s still laughing.

I’m still rolling my eyes.

Costume Party 2008

We had a really good time at the costume party for our youth group last night.  All the leaders actually got into it.  In fact, we had great participation across the board.  I changed my costume a bit last minute. I had planned to wear a dress and heels but it was just too cold and I didn’t want to be uncomfortable.  I also had fake eyelashes that wouldn’t stay on.  But, it was enough to tell what I was.   The lighting and therefore pictures were REALLY bad since they had no lights except for blacklights.  It’s hard to see the blood I had on my chin and my eyes were a lot darker than I normally do them.

Scott actually won the costume contest.  He had (fake) sound effects and all.  They hooked up his machine to the sound system so randomly you’d hear it all across the room.  He was so proud.

And I just have to stick this one on the end…Darian (my first Twilight convert) and I huddled on the couch with our Twilight series books and discussed!

Breaking Dawn Review

*************BREAKING DAWN SPOILERS***********************


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Breaking Dawn

My fingers barely know what to type right now.  I’ve just finished Breaking Dawn and I’m speechless.  The word beautiful keeps ringing through my head over and over.  Such love.  Such amazing, unending love.  I really don’t know if I can write a proper review right now.  Tears stream down my face and I am sure that a book has never touched me quite like this one.  It’s not that this one was better than the other three.  Suddenly it’s not about a four part book series.  To me it is just Bella and Edward and their story.  No, their love.  It’s not a simple Romeo and Juliet or Cinderella and her prince.  It’s that and so much more.  The hard stuff.  The scary stuff.  The REAL stuff.  Maybe another day I can dissect it as a book but for now, I’m a part of their story.  A very lucky participant at that.