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Weekend Highlights

  • One last update on the iPhone.  AT&T somehow removed my data and text plan from my phone and I couldn’t do much on the phone until Saturday so basically I was without my phone for 48 hours.
  • Went to a craft fair Saturday morning and got a cute necklace.  I also ran into one of my 8th grade teachers and she stilled recognized my by name 17 years later although I did not her.  She was selling prints of pictures she had taken around her town.  I wonder if she teaches anymore.
  • I cooked a turkey for the first time Saturday night.  You know, that one I won?  It showed up on my door step on Wednesday.  It was too late to fix for Thursday so I was so excited to provide a turkey for our Sunday School dinner except after spending three days thawing the turkey out and asking multiple people how to cook the thing, the EXACT minute I was putting it into the oven, I found out our Christmas dinner is not until NEXT week.  Yeah, I laughed too.  In good news, it turned out really well and I ended up freezing the meat for next week.
  • Heather, Mom and I laughed about as hard as I’ve laughed in recent years WHILE I WAS DRIVING IN THE RAIN ON THE INTERSTATE.  We were laughing at my two or three of my most embarrassing stories that I have yet to share on here.  Maybe one day I’ll admit to peeing on my Mom’s front porch fully clothed.
  • Saturday Melissa and I met up again to work on our books.  She has technically finished hers and I was able to start reading it from the start but she read only a scene or two from mine.  But she cried at one my scenes!  Yay!  That has to mean I’m doing something right!
  • Today I didn’t do a thing but church, choir and a nap.  I didn’t even make it to CVS.
  • I just ate a King Size KitKat by myself.  Good thing I’m cleansing tomorrow.

New iPhone – again

This is going to be an extended Twitter version of the iPhone drama that continued today.

I tried on and half for at least a half hour to get my sim card back in my phone.  It would go most of the way and then get stuck for no apparent reason.  A piece of rice got stuck in the phone, hence this tweet this morning.

can’t get my sim card back into my iPhone to see if it turns on. is this a sign?

Scott plugged the phone up and in got stuck in a restarting cycle flashing a dead battery screen each time and then completely died, hence this tweet this morning.

ok, i’m officially calling time of iPhone death at 11:54am. headed to the AT&T store.

So I went and spent WAY too much money on another iPhone hence this tweet.

i’m sick SICK over spending so much money on another iPhone. but i’m happy to have it back and it’s in pristine condition. syncing now.

The phone is STILL syncing hours later.  But there’s potential. Hope.  That in a few hours we’ll be back to normal.

No, Twitter, it’s not ok. Not ok at all.

iPhone Drama

Join me in my parents’ upstairs bathroom.  It’s a small bathroom, recently built into the attic near their theater room that was transformed from some attic space.  There’s only enough room for you and the toilet and maybe a box of kleenex that sits on the floor.  I have some new wine colored fingernail polish in my hands I got for free earlier that day.  All I can think is I need to pee really quick so Dad doesn’t start Sleepless in Seattle in the theater room.  I’m hoping to tie in the movie into my non-novel and want to pay attention to every detail.  I put the nail polish on the bowl on the back and put the lid up making sure it would shield any fall the polish might take if it should start sliding.  I undo my pants and turn to sit down and hear this huge “whoosh”. In a split second I think that somehow the polish has found a way around the lid and fallen in and when I turn around I am shocked to find my favorite picture of Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart staring back at me.  “MY IPHONNNNEEEEEE!”  I pull my pants up enough to not be indecent but don’t button them and rescue the iPhone from the bottom of the still-clean toilet water.

I run out to the sink which is right outside the small toilet room and grab some Fall napkins Mom has set out on the counter and then I start announcing it to anyone within earshot.  “My iPhone fell in the toilletttt!!”  Dad and Scott don’t seem to care much and stay put in their seats in the theater room.  So I run downstairs to Mom and Heather hoping the female freak-out factor will kick in and someone will commiserate with me.  “My iPhone fell in the toilet!!!!”  Mom responds appropriately “Oh my Lord!  Well it’s gone.  You may as well cry and get it over with.”  I look at Heather and she’s on the verge of bursting out in laughter.  I guess since this is THE SECOND TIME I’VE DONE THIS, I can see why.

So all the while I’m patting it dry and then shaking it back and forth watching water fly out of the phone.  So I run back upstairs and grab some compressed air and start spraying and of course Twitter the fact that I’d just done this.  Then I google “iPhone water” and come up with some help including the compressed air, hair dryer and even BAKING the iPhone for short amounts of time.  I also read about putting it in a bowl of rice and letting it pull out the moisture.  That seems the least invasive.  So after the compressed air, I go back downstairs, blow dry my iPhone and then ask Mom for some rice.  And so, since then, my iPhone has been buried in a bowl of rice.  And for some reason I feel like I’m carrying around an urn of ashes.

All night I’ve been whining and complaining about not having my phone, announcing to everyone each and every time I would have used to. Oh, I need to take a picture and I would…if I had my phone.  Oh, I need to write that recipe down and I would..if I had my phone.  Oh, I have a picture of that and would show you…if I had my phone.  Oh, Heather’s trying to call me? I’d talk to her…if I had my phone.

The funniest thing is my father-in-law said is it’d be funny if you got it out and it started talking Chinese to you.  A reincarnated iPhone.

I’m giving it until 9am tomorrow.  And then the AT&T store will have one desperate customer on their hands if it doesn’t turn on.

Lesson here?  Keep rice on hand.

Thankful Thursday

Wow, what a crazy year since last Thanksgiving!  So many fun things happened and so much to be thankful for!

  • One Tree Hill Blog and all of its crazy success.  Hard to believe it hasn’t even been a year since it started.  So many things I’ve learned, so many people I’ve met and some pretty decent side income to boot.
  • Hot Blogger Calendar.  So much fun to be nominated.  Got an amazing girls-only weekend to New York and got to meet some great people.
  • Trip to Wilmington for my birthday with my family.
  • Wonderful and much needed anniversary trip to Asheville.
  • All the fun Twilight stuff I won.  And yes, I’ll be cheesy and say I’m thankful for Stephenie Meyer and all this is Twilight.  It’s made me happy.
  • All the great coupon/sales I’ve done at the stores.  What a blessing to our family and many other families.
  • Our jobs.  So many people are struggling and ours have remained steadfast.
  • My friends.  Those IRL and online.  I seriously get emotional when I think about all my friends.  They mean so much to me and when I’m lucky enough to spend time with them, I’m so thankful.  This year I’ve been able to do quite a bit of it and loved every minute.
  • My girls.  Another precious year with them.
  • My family.  I’m so thankful that I have a family that loves God and loves me and my family.  I really do not know what I would do without them.
  • My husband in particular.  He’s a good man with a good heart that loves God and I love him for that.  So thankful we’re on the same page.  Not every husband and wife are.  And yes, I’m even thankful for his OCD tendencies that drive my batty.  It keeps the dishwasher going.
  • All of our worldly goods (you know, those worldly “needs” that Scott endowed to me during our wedding vows).  This year we have been able to buy and do so many things.  It’s kind of ridiculous…hardwood floors, cars, washer and dryer, all kinds of electronics, clothes, furniture.

I hope you see how good God has been to us.  As I said in another post, I don’t know why He’s picked us to give all the fun stuff to but I’m so thankful.  Don’t forget to give thanks for whatever God has given you even if it doesn’t make sense right now!

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!