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Bathroom Makeover Step 2 Day 1

Scott started on the tile and toilet replacements today.  He was able to rip up what we had and cut and place all the tiles.  Tomorrow will be the grouting.  It will be several days before we (he) can install the toilet.  I feel weird saying toilet so much.  Commode?  It doesn’t seem much better.

I didn’t get a great picture of the before because he started before I got home but we had a white linoleum you can see here:


After the rip out.  Please notice the mint green our bathroom and bedroom walls were when we moved in 5 years ago:


Tiles are placed:


Assuming that we won’t be here more than five years we went with the most affordable and neutral tile we could.

And yes, we have a very small bathroom.   It’s one of few things I don’t like about this house.

More Face Painting

Bath this morning and then face paint…of course.  It’s like make-up for kids!  Emma insisted I put these on the Internet.  Just in case someone else wanted to do it like this.  I feel a blogger in the making.

I have no idea what Emma’s is.  I tried copying some random design on the Internet.  I really needed to airbrush a base, but you know, I do what I can.


Lexi had two swishes on the bottom that made the whole thing look like a heart but she washed it off.


Renovation Progress

The Bathroom

  • Scott went and picked up the mirror yesterday.  So excited that it is here.  I feel the need to mention we got it for free again.  Thanks, again and again to my friend.
  • I ordered the lighting yesterday but it’s back-ordered for a week.  I can’t do anything to the mirror until I get the lighting.
  • We bought the tile on Monday night.  Scott will be installing it as well as the new toilet and molding this weekend.

The Kitchen

  • We got a quote on the laminate counter top.  The lady said it’d be just as cheap to get it formed instead of Scott buying sheets and trying to do it himself.  $675 to get it formed and Scott would still need to cut out the sink hole.  I called today to get the quote on just the sheets.  $85 for all of it.  Just as cheap?  She’s crazy and Scott will be at least attempting to do it himself.  Worse case, we trash it and spend the money and we’re out less than $100.  For $85 why have I waited so long??
  • We still need to go look for glass tile for the back splash.  I’m going to allow myself to spend extra here if the counter top works out.
  • Turns out Scott and I disagree heavily on the sink.  He still wants stainless steel even though Sally suggested an almond/biscuit porcelain. I’ll have to decide this before the counter top.
  • I’m having a hard time finding a rug.
  • I need to finalize and order the lighting.
  • Mom found a lamp for my yellow cabinet for $15.  Score! (See below)


  • We bought a new picture for above the bed for $50 (!) and moved the existing one to the other wall.
  • I got quotes on getting the closet doors replaced with mirrored doors.  Not sure if I mentioned that recommendation on the original post.  It was going to be $800 for both closets.  I nixed that idea quickly.
  • The only other thing sitting out there is we’d like to get a flat screen so we can get all the electronics off the large dresser.  We may just have to treat ourselves for our anniversary for this.  But shhhh…Scott hasn’t heard that idea yet.

Again, see the original plan here.

Face Paint


I took Emma and Lexi to the store today to pick out toys so they could use their own money. They both had about $10.  Lexi got Barbie stuff but Emma got makeup and face paint.  Emma had a very specific thing in mind for her face paint.  I followed her directions specifically but it looks a little like an amoeba crawling on her face.  I think she was trying to describe one of Heather’s from a fair last year.  Lexi is supposed to be a cat that we copied from a random site.  She washed it off about 2 minutes after putting it on.  And mine…I asked for a butterfly and Emma did her best.  No matter how it looks, we had fun and it was a different activity than normal.


I can’t say I’m not tempted to copy one of these full butterfly patterns on my own later.  Who says face paint is only for fairs?

The Bachelorette: After the Finale

Not to be confused with After the Final Rose.

So, as predicted, I’m ok with Ed.  But as well spoken as the guy is, I was a little disappointed with his proposal.  Even Reid’s comment about what was going on there without him was wrong was more moving.  Nevertheless, I think Jillian and Ed or “Jed” as some hardcore fans might say will be quite happy.

I was a tad disappointed with her not picking Reid after him coming back for her.  It would have been good drama for her to pick him and he’s such a cutie.  He will make someone very happy.  As for Kiptyn, after I saw the home visit I was sure it wasn’t going to be him.

As much as I twittered about the show tonight, there’s not too much left to say.  Although I have to end with mentioning the funniest 2 seconds of Bachelorette history.  The shot of the volcano at the end of Ed and Jillian’s date was probably unnecessary and unprofessional but I was laughing for the entire commercial.  And then?  The tweet at the end of the show:  Cue the volcanoes!

For a season I hadn’t planned to watch, I have to say it was a good one.  Congrats, Jed!