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The Lake


Picture proof. Lexi finally made it onto a boat with a life jacket.   The purple life jacket to the rescue!



I’d say she enjoyed it.  She was relaxed enough to almost fall asleep.


Emma, was of course ecstatic to get back on.


With of course a snack.  Have I mentioned how much she is eating these days?!


We also got to visit this sandbar and let the kids swim.


My parents decided to invite themselves (glad you did!) since they hadn’t been out on a boat in forever. 

The couple in the foreground (below) were our hosts.  He is 92 and they have been married 70 years. 



Can you imagine celebrating your 70th wedding anniversary?  And actually now that I think about it, my parents have been married over 30 years so that’s over 100 years of marriage in that picture.  Crazy.


But they are one of the sweetest set of people I’ve ever met.  They like to treat Scott like a son and I’d say Scott is quite ok with that.


The kids also tested out their fishing rods.  And…they hated it.  Lexi was trying to catch a small fish and a catfish came out of nowhere, grabbed her line which pulled her forward a bit.  It scared Lexi to death and she literally went running for the hills.  Then of course Emma wouldn’t touch her rod.  And honestly, I took over the rod and it scared me to death when a catfish grabbed my line.  And no, I don’t think I’ve ever fished myself.  I’m sure my parents my argue but it was definitely not a thing we did growing up.  After Saturday, I’m guessing it’s not a family past time the girls want to take up.

They did, however, enjoy casting their line (is that what you say?!) with no hook or bait (again, right?) just to see how far it would go.


Scott redeemed the Bennett’s fishing prowess and caught a few fish for us.  This picture is like a Where’s Waldo?  The fish is hanging on the line..see if you can find it!


Definitely a great day.  The only downside is it almost convinced Scott and I to go buy a boat one of these days.  Someone stop us!

See the rest of the pics on my Facebook.

Say Cheese!

So as mentioned earlier today, I went to a photo shoot this afternoon.  I had a very similar experience to my NY trip last year.  I was a nervous wreck beforehand but then felt quite comfortable there.  The photo shoot was at CustomShop near downtown Charlotte.  It’s closed during the day but they allowed them to use the storefront while they cooked in the back. 

When I got there, the photographer Armando was there and one of the other girls (debating whether to say models/talents) Mackenzie.  Within a few minutes, another girl Kate, a guy Danny and the makeup artist Elizabeth were there.   The two girls had done some previous shoots but weren’t professional.  Danny, is actually a race car driver/actor/model and lived in New York for a time.  You can see some of his work on his web site

The first thing we did was sit at a few tables to see about lighting and grouping of people.  Next, we all picked out outfits.  I went wearing a black top, blue jeans and black heels.  Another girl had a similar outfit and then the other two were both wearing jeans and white shirts.  Weren’t we creative?!  I had brought two more shirts and pants.  He decided on a green and brown top that I had, khaki jacket/white shirt for Kate, Mackenzie kept her black shirt and Danny got a salmon colored sweater. 

We each got our makeup done by a former MAC-turned-independent makeup artist.  She did mine very natural.  Nothing like NY when she did a smokier eye. While we each waited on makeup, we took turns getting individual shots and then getting to know each other. 

The first shot I was in was with Kate.  We sat at a table and I had lean over and pretend like I was telling her a secret and another shot where we were laughing and then we switched places.  Let me tell you, I don’t think I understood it but modeling takes a bit of acting skill. Which, if you know me, I do not have.  I was definitely not prepared with funny stories.  I think I said a lot of um’s. 

When it came to the group shots, we sat at two different tables while he took pictures of us talking.  We had to tell funny stories.  Or just interesting stories and wear a fake smile.  Except…I was very interested that we all took turns telling actual stories.  I learned about a man peeing in Rome and a man smoking crack on the train in NY!  We also had drinks given to us and we just had to hold them.  In one of the first shots, Danny poured us all wine.  Don’t worry, Mom, I didn’t drink!

Kate and Mackenzie did a pose together and then Danny and I sat together and did a pose as a couple chatting at dinner.  He kept scooting us closer together and we were all “Awkward!”  It did make us smile though!  So somehow we decided to talk about TV to keep the chattering going while he took pictures.  We both talked about our favorite shows.  The funny thing was trying to talk about Dollhouse and talking about murder while supposedly being happy and dating!  We were like murder!  funny!  haha!  Awkward!

So yeah, we all actually just had a good time, smiling a lot and actually listening to each other’s stories and backgrounds.

Armando Bellmas was the photographer.  Look him up if you’re in the Charlotte area!  He was great at giving direction, was very organized and seemed to be very genuine and nice.  We’re supposed to see some proofs to choose from at the beginning of next week.  Much better than a cell shot in my car.  Can’t wait!

So I know I’ve talked about it before but I really would like to do more of this.  Maybe I’ll change my mind when I see the pictures but really, each time I do this I walk away thinking I could do that all the time!

Weekend Plans

It’s one of those days I need a brain dump that basically turned into a weekend plans post.

  • Melissa recommended me as a model for a photo shoot for a photographer’s portfolio when she couldn’t make it.  I use the term model loosely.  Very. loosely.  But it is going to be at a restaurant in downtown Charlotte and there is a makeup artist and other people to interact with.  I’m pretty excited about that.  I’ll be paid in digital pictures to do whatever I want with which is totally cool with me.  Maybe I can use them for a comp card.  Whatever works.  I’m taking the afternoon off from work to do that.  He said it’d just be an hour or two.
  • Tonight and tomorrow morning I’m attending the Beth Moore simulcast with Dani.  I’m all kinds of excited about that.  I love listening to Beth. Watching her live with thousands of women across the country should be fun.  Plus, it seems that Dani and I hardly see each other so it will fun.  Did I mention Dani’s expecting again?!
  • Tomorrow afternoon I think we’re going on the boat with that couple from our church.  The kids are both so excited.  I hope the weather lets us.
  • And best of all, I’m so looking forward to church on Sunday.  Counting down until Sunday is not something I’ve done in a while and I have to say I like it!

Life Jackets and Fishing Poles

If you remember, Lexi had issues with her life jacket last week.  Well this weekend we’re supposed to go visit an elderly couple who live on the lake.  They really want to take us out on their boat.  I really want to go out on their boat.  Lexi really didn’t want to go out on their boat.  Scott told her he would go buy her a life jacket if she would wear it on the boat.  Also, the girls wanted a fishing rod.  So last night we took the girls to Wal-Mart and got them Barbie fishing rods.  They had no life jackets so Scott took them to Target today and got those.

And today Scott taught them how to cast it.  I think that’s what you call it anyway.  I’m clueless about fishing!


Emma really, really…


got into it.


Then they got serious.  It was time to try out their life vests and try it out at the pool.


As green as our water is right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually caught something.


I think they eventually got the hang of it though. That looks about right…


Here are a few videos.  If you can’t see them, in one the girls are practicing in the front yard and the other I try my hand at it and utterly fail.  I’m a lot of things but a fisherman is not one of them.

Videos might not be done processing but I need to get to bed!


Renovation Progress 8/25


Ta-da!  The new stove is just lovely and we didn’t manage to blow anything up!  Here’s the before from yesterday: 


Next step is hardware.