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Katharine McPhee Gone Blonde

As an avid American Idol fan and one who bought Katharine McPhee’s first record and a proud Brunette, I feel that I have a right to an opinion about this topic.  May I say I dislike Katharine’s new hair with much fervor?

I followed the switch at and immediately was not a fan.  I mean, she went from this

katharine mcphee2

to this


Theoretically it looks good:


But I recently watched FunnyorDie’s latest video and I did not even recognize her one bit and only knew it was her when I read the tagline.  This is a screencap from it:

katharine mcphee

Doesn’t it look like a horrible wig??

I’m not one to bash celebrities but I just feel I have to take this little corner of the blogosphere to say NO to the blonde and say bring back the beautiful, long brunette hair!

Anyone with me?

All that being said, I feel it’s only fair that I say I do like this song from her new album:

Let’s Talk About Fall TV So Far

As mentioned before one of the things I’m missing about Twitter and Facebook is interaction about TV.  I started my break before most shows premiered and I have no clue how people are reacting to this season.  I feel a little lost.  But I’ll take a few minutes to gab about what I think.

Gossip Girl

I feel like this season has been solid GG so far.  Blair’s attention-getting actions were very odd.  It was also odd to see JoAnna Garcia with Nate after watching her in a full season of Privileged.  Maybe it’s just lingering affects from that but I’m not 100% sold on that character.  I do like Carter and hope he sticks around.  I’m loving Blair and Chuck together.  I do like this whole college thing.  I feel like it fits them better at this point yet it still feels like GG.


Greek started really slow for me the first two episodes.  I had to struggle through to even watch the second episode at all.  The last two have been back up to par and let me say that Cappie is by far the star of that show.  Without him, the episodes lag!  Here a few quotes I grabbed from this week:

A sororiety girl.  I can’t remember her name and I’m too lazy to look it up.  The senator’s daughter: See they were blown off for another mixer so they stayed in for mud masks and a TV series about old people having old people sex.
Casey: They’re watching Private Practice?

Evan and Cappie looking at flyers for Evan a job.
Cappie: Oh here’s one.  Sperm donor.  Someone with your pedigree could earn three times what I have… much as I would.

Ashley: Maybe they were hot back in the 80s.
Casey: No that is ugly in any decade.

One Tree Hill

This is a huge year for OTH. Another 14 mo jump, 2 lost major character and 4 additions and it was a recipe for disaster.  But after the third episode this week, I feel really good about it.  I’m really loving Clay and even Alex.  They need to step it up with Quinn or she will be the biggest bore I’ve seen on there yet.  Nathan and Haley have been fantastic this season, especially the last episode.  As for Brooke, I much rather have Brooke with an attitude than Brooke in love.  But I do still like her with Julian and I’m glad to hear that storyline will be shaken a bit.  Drama!

Melrose Place has called this as a cancellation.  I won’t be surprised.  I skipped through a lot of last night’s episode.  It’s rough.  Really rough.  I don’t care much about the characters, the acting especially on Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’s part is horrid and the who-murdered-Sydney story-line is already old.  There are a few good parts though.  I think Jonah and Riley are solid, especially Riley.  She’s one of the only real characters with solid acting.  And I hate to say this, but  I’m actually enjoying Lauren’s hooker line.  It’s not right but I think the acting is superb and I think she’s showing genuine conflict about it and unfortunately there are women who find themselves in just that plight.  However, with Ella Simms as the star of this show, it’s empty, vain and annoying and it will be the downfall of this show.  It’s hard to support a show where you don’t even like the main character.  Heather Locklear finally signed on and I’m interested to see if she saves the show.  If you’re a fan, make sure to check out Melrose Place Blog (sorry for the review, Ruthie, but I’ll still plug the site for you!)

Lie To Me

I didn’t mean to watch it this season but I needed to pass some time Monday night.  It was a solid episode for the show.  If you enjoyed the first season, definitely check it out.

Grey’s Anatomy

I posted about this show briefly last week but wow, Grey’s was back with full force.  It will be interesting to see where they take it from here.  I’m wondering how you improve on what we just saw.  I’m thoroughly enjoying Alex and Izzie and Derek and Meredith married.

The Office

As always The Office manages to make me laugh with quotes like this:

“I say my greatest talent is being the best man, woman or child to have ever run this branch ever.”

“I’d have to talk to my mother and my guy at H&R Block.”

I’m excited for Jim and Pam and can’t wait for this week.


I’ve dropped Glee.  Eh.

Vampire Diaries

I am totally and completely smitten with Vampire Diaries.  And it is totally and completely due to Ian Somerhalder as Damon.  It was a little weak out of the gate but the last episode was great and I literally have been counting down to Thursday this week.  I could do without all the vampirism and biting (I know, then what’s the point, eh?) but I love the characters and the stories have been decent. If they do this right, it could be huge.  Make sure to check out Vampire Diaries Online.

Dollhouse also shows this as a possible cancellation and I wouldn’t be surprised since we almost didn’t get this season.  But it’s a shame.  It’s a good show and I really enjoyed the premiere last week.

And in closing…have I mentioned I’m excited for the Friday Night Lights premiere in 4 weeks??  All you people have PLENTY of time to catch up on 1-3.  Do eeeet!


Lexi: The only thing that makes me happy is root beer, ketchup and chicken.
Emma: You're weird.
Lexi; Yes, I am.

Lexi: Did you put makeup on?
Me: No, I haven't.
Lexi: Your face looks funny.
Me: Do I look weird?
Lexi: Yeah, you have a lot of boo-boos.

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Asheville Weekend

Warning: This will be long and picture-heavy.

Saturday we left about 10 to head up to Asheville for a night’s stay. The plan was to shop Saturday afternoon, eat the Prime Rib Buffet at Grove Park Inn Saturday evening and then spend all of Sunday in The Spa at Grove Park. 

If you’ve read here long enough, you may remember our trip last year for our 10th anniversary.  As much fun as we had, we knew we didn’t want to stay at Grove Park again.  To be honest, for the money the room was just not that impressive.  The plan had been to find a local bed and breakfast but really, the prices are all competitive and Jill had heard of the Grand Bohemian Resort.  It’s a 6 month old hotel right outside the entrance of The Biltmore. 

Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself by talking about the room but let’s fast forward…we got to Asheville about 1ish, shopped for a bit (didn’t find much) and then checked in. 

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RIP 007

I caught up with the premiere of Grey’s just now. This picture should tell you a bit about how I reacted.

That was some of the best Grey’s I’ve seen in a long time. It just won’t be the same without George.

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