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American Idol Top 24 – Guys


OK, now that I’ve heard all 24 I can say without a doubt this may be the worst Top 24 in quite some time.  I don’t know if the sound is just so bad on our end or the nerves are really getting to these guys or the talent is just lacking but SOMEthing is up.  This has got to get better soon or we’re in for a very painful season.  Also, I’m  not jiving with most of the judges. Simon and I agreed a few times but wow, I just felt like we were out of sync with what the judges were hearing.

Again, here are my Tweets with more extraneous commentary :)

Andrew, you are just amazing. You are a star already. He was a prime example of the judges vs. viewers opinions.  They all gave him a really hard time and most of what I saw on Twitter really had his back. I loved the song and loved him singing it.

CASEYYYYY!!! I <3 YOU! The judges were out. of. control.  I really felt bad for him at the first of the song trying to ignore Kara’s antics.  But he really, really pulled through.  Loved the song.  It was perfect for what all the women who were already swooning wanted to hear.  And the guys can’t say anything because he has the chops to back it up.  I could easily see him as one of the finalists.

Alex – awkward performance. no thanks Apparently this guy has sung at like 3 coffee shops.  He basically has no clue what to do on a huge stage with 30 million people watching.  I mean, it’s nerve-wracking for anyone, but I think Alex might have taken it the worst.

Mike…you are ruining a great song I really, really like Maroon 5 and I think he completely ruined the vibe of the song.  He kept bouncing his shoulders and was way too bubbly with it. Did he even listen to the lyrics?  I mean, if you REALLY listen to them, it’s probably not even appropriate for the Idol stage.

John – didn’t enjoy it. almost muted it. I agreed with Simon here…his emotions for the song did not come across at all.

Lee! Wow, where’d he come from? Loved that. Great song choice for me. Another one where the judges and I didn’t agree.  I enjoyed him.  He seems like a really cool, down-to-earth guy that has a really good voice.  Definitely like his vibe.

Tyler *clap**clap**clap**clap**clap**clap**clap**clap* not perfect, but the ladies are going to like that *ahem* Ok, thinking back his voice wasn’t great.  But the guy is at least comfortable on stage.  And they didn’t have a problem with Adam Lambert not being “real” and becoming a persona on stage…not that I’m comparing Tyler and Adam, just sayin’, same kind of principle.

Wow, I liked Joe much more than I thought. He seemed nervous to me, not comfortable. I like his smile!  I liked his voice but nerves!

Tim – i’m even more mad that Golightly isn’t up there now. What was that?? It really was just horrendous.  So out of his league.

Jermaine -I think I just witnessed a murder. Not sure if it was the song or my ears though. I really thought I was going to like Jermaine.  Really disappointed.  Especially with his “I’m not a diva-who’s Mike?” line.

Aaron – I think barring nerves that was a really good song choice for him. That song was written by @ChrisSligh  – I love that song and I think it was a good fit for Aaron’s voice.  Chris Sligh apparently thought he butchered it though.  Hmmm.

Todrick – I agree with Ellen…chorus was weak. He’s comfortable on stage though! #idol I’m giving Todrick props for coming out of the gate with an upbeat, original song.  The chorus was weak but overall kudos for trying.  He’s obviously comfortable on stage and I think he needs to stick around for a while.

Wow, I feel like the mean old wicked witch of the west or something. Lots of negativity.  But ya’ll.  Wow.  It was tough.

Best is easily Casey and Andrew

It’s hard to call who is in trouble just because it was so bad.  I’m going to say Tim and Alex are in trouble.

Learning Figure Skating Jumps

Salchow, axel, lutz…it sounds like a list of Russion music composers to me.  One of my fascinations with figure skating is just how the announcers figure out what jump the skater is doing.  Besides the fact they have their program written down in front of them, of course.

I did a little digging and while I’m not proficient yet, in order of least to most difficult, here are the types of jumps:

  • Toe Loop
  • Salchow
  • Loop
  • Flip
  • Lutz
  • Axel

If you have about 10 minutes to spare, here is a video explanation on all the jumps. The good news is it has lots of explanations and footage. The bad news is it looks like it was created in 1991 and has awful music. If you can get past that, I think you can learn something.

Figure Skating Jumps
Uploaded by oxygala. – Check out more sports and extreme sports videos.

Axel is the hardest and easiest to spot because they go into it facing forward.  That may have been the only thing that stuck in my brain but at least I know when I see it, to be impressed!

If you want a more detailed training series, Michael Weiss has a great set of video tutorials here.  I’m gonna get this one day!

Cooking with The Pioneer Woman – Weekly Update


I’ve been spreading my wings a little bit in the cooking department (read: kitchen).  As I have leftovers and try recipes, I’ve been using pieces of recipes and creating my own dinners.  It’s nothing fancy, it’s not like I’m throwing spices around at will but I am making things work for me.  I did have a few full, original P-Dub recipes I tried this week.

Pioneer Woman’s Sweet Potatoes aka “Soul Sweet Taters”

I have to admit I used canned sweet potatoes in a pinch here but it still worked.  Overall, liked these.  Definitely satisfies any sweet tooth!


Pineapple Upside Down Cake

This one COULD have been outstanding save my incompetence.  When I was dissolving the brown sugar in the butter, I had the heat up too much and it burned a large section of the sugar.  I was too ignorant/naive to know it was really burning, not just getting brown and I should just to turn the burner down.  Also, I’ve never been a fan of this cake and didn’t know how important the cherries were.  Why I made this and don’t even eat it? I don’t know.  It appears I’m a little addicted to cooking and I had gotten a few cans of pineapple for free.  What can I say?


Blue Cheese Sauce – except not

I posted on this before but I changed it up a little and thought it was worthy of note.  I used some gorgonzola cheese instead of blue cheese and poured it over Tilapia instead of Steak.  Yum.  Yum, yum, yum.  Even Emma asked for more.


We also had some repeats this week…chicken pot pie, lasagna and homemade pizza and calzones (different stuffing than Cowboy Calzones) and then used leftover pizza dough to make dessert pizza.  Good stuff!

American Idol Top 24 – Girls


OK, for those that follow me on Twitter, this might be boring but no need to reinvent the wheel!  Here are my thoughts from last night.  I will say in general, it was a very disappointing night.  One main issue was the sound was terrible.  You could hardly hear the band.  Also, it seems nerves got the most of several of the girls.  Because I’m lazy, I copied and pasted from Twitter and it goes in opposite performance order:

Katie – still not one of my favorites. not a good song choice. I just don’t see star power in her.  Yes, she has a voice, but I think she needs to put a few years and experience on.

Love MamaSox! Love her honesty, her voice and song choice. She’s got it!

Siobhan – She definitely has a voice on her but I think she might belong on Broadway or something.  I really felt like Siobhan had heard all the murmurings that she’s weird and was really not herself last night.  If you’re weird, be weird, people.   It’s better than being fake.

<3 Didi. She also reminds me a lot of Brooke White in looks and personality.  Love, love, love her.  She’s so easy to get behind.  She has a great story, is down-to-earth, nice, talented, etc, etc.  I think she could have done better but she stood out among the group tonight.

Michelle – I just have to turn on Alicia to hear that. Give me something different. This girl is gorgeous and her voice is great.  To say that she’s a copy cat of Alicia Keys is a huge compliment. But like I said, there’s already one of her.  I felt a little more like she was in a beauty pageant than American Idol.

I agree with the judges, Lacey is better than what she did but I liked it better than they did Man, I really wanted Lacey to do well.  I think she has a unique voice and I love, love, love her look.  She was just all over the place with that song.

Haeley – wasn’t perfect but it was unique and fun Haeley teeters on the annoying line for me.  Sometimes she’s cute and unique and fun and sometimes she’s vain and it’s too affected.

Haven’t been a fan of Katelyn so far but I really liked her voice there. She came out of nowhere for me but I enjoyed it.

Yay for Lilly. Not her strongest, but I really like her!  I want Lilly to do well. I think she’s down to earth, a hard worker and really, really talented.  Once again, I think this was a bad song choice.

Janell – poor thing, I can see she’s nervous but the song was way too big for her.  Yikes.  Just yikes.

Ashley – felt like she was holding back a bit. some really pretty moments though.  Ashley is gorgeous and comfortable on stage.  I think she needed to let go a little.

Sorry, Paige, nothing stood out for me. Also, what’s wrong with the sound ?!  I feel like Paige got the shaft a little. The sound was the worst at the beginning of the show and she may have sounded better if everything was working properly.  That said, I felt it was a little boring anyway.

Favorites were Didi and Mamsox.

I think Paige and Janell are in trouble.

So Says the Pop Culture Junkie

This will probably be the most non-serious post about the 2010 Olympics.  But while I was watching ice dancing last night, I couldn’t help but think that these two

2010-02-23_1116 2010-02-23_1116_001

(Jana Khokhlova and Sergei Novitski of Russia)

Looked like these two…

(Russell Brand and girlfriend Katy Perry)

…had found a pair of skates and gone to the Olympics! 

Am I right or am I right?

In other news, the Canadians totally deserved gold.  It was beautiful!

(pictures courtesy of