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Eclipse Review


OK, gut reaction while watching the first half of the movie:  This is boring.  I wonder if there’s somewhere I can lay down.

Gut reaction while watching the second half of the movie:  OK, now I don’t have to completely slam the movie.

Gut reaction while walking out of the movie: That was a dumb movie.  Can I see Jac0b again?

Ok, yes, maybe because I’m sick but ya’ll, that was disappointing.  Yes, there were many redemptive qualities but it completely missed the mark of setting up any kind storyline between Edward/Bella/Jac0b.  Any kind of work New Moon did to establish the connection between Jac0b and Bella was completely obliterated.  For the first half of the movie, you wouldn’t have even known any of New Moon existed.  Bella seemed to have made up her mind.  It wasn’t until the kiss after the tent scene that there was any connection between them. 

I guess I just felt like they stuck a bunch of our favorite scenes and put them together. I mean, the Florida trip was completely forgettable and pointless.  Why even have that?

However, there was some really, really good stuff.

  • Taylor Lautner.  Wow.  Can I get a couple screenshots of that please?
  • I enjoyed Edward so much more in this movie.  He actually smiled and I felt like Edward really loved Bella in a normal, non-stalkerish non-Ihatemylife kind of way.  Rob really was Edward in this movie for me.
  • The meadow scenes were fantastic
  • The bedroom scene at Edward’s was great.  I particularly awed over the proposal.  Hello, ring!
  • I gladly give major props to Jackson Rathbone finally.  He nailed Jasper this time and I really enjoyed him.
  • Ditto for Rosalie.
  • The guy that played Riley and the girl that played, well, the girl that they saved were spot on.  Loved them.
  • Tent scene was my most anticipated scene and it did not disappoint.  It delivered my favorite line of the movie, “I’m hotter than you.”  Fantastic line.  I also enjoyed the discussion between Edward and Jac0b instead of all glares or threats.

As you can see, there are many things I did like about the movie but I just don’t think it holds together as a movie very well. 

For those that have seen it, what’d you think?

Cooking with The Pioneer Woman: (2nd) Weekly Update


Alternately title: I’M FINISHED!!!!!!

I got so excited yesterday realizing I only had one left that I decided to go ahead tackle the end of the book.  I also realized I’d never made the Pot Roast either!  So I tackled both the Breakfast Bowls and Pot Roast as my last dishes of the book.

Breakfast Bowls

These were WAY yummier than I thought they’d be.  However, this took a ton of prep time and I already had the sausage cooked, left-over from the burritos the other day.  While I would eat this again I probably won’t be making it again.

Perfect Pot Roast

Here’s the thing with the pot roast.  The roast my mom taught me to make in the crock pot is one of my favorite recipes ever.  It’s so simple and yummy and I think I wrote this recipe off almost as soon as I saw it.  Not fair but true.   And while this take a lot more prep compared to my Mom’s version, this wasn’t as bad as it seemed.  I still prefer the flavor of Mom’s version better but Scott was ooh-ing and aah-ing the whole time he was eating and I think he preferred this one.  Simply because of the prep time, I’ll stick with the version I have but if I didn’t have a good recipe I’d definitely stick with this one.


I’ll probably do some follow-up posts on this but I have to say this is by far one of the best things I’ve ever done.  I fell in love with cooking for the first time ever and I learned SO MUCH all while providing for my family.  Can’t get better than that!

I’ve said it before but this was a life-changer.  PW, I can’t thank you enough!!


Top Ten Tuesday: Mommy and Wifey Reminders

Oh, I had written these as a regular post but it’s pretty perfect for Top Ten Tuesday…

Scott and I spent some time with a new friend tonight.  She’s older and wiser and we talked a lot about parenting and marriage.  Came away with the reminder that the basic stuff still matters and works.  I made a list for myself as a reminder and thought I’d share.

  • Be up before or with the kids
  • Fix 3 healthy meals
  • Give your child your full attention, especially when he/she is asking for it
  • Give one-on-one attention to each child
  • Don’t send your kids off to an activity at every chance
  • Have their playthings organized
  • Make them clean up their messes
  • Don’t back down when your kids buck your authority
  • Don’t let the kids play you and your spouse against each other
  • Money doesn’t make a difference whether you are a successful parent

OK, so that’s ten but I haven’t even gotten to the marriage part!

  • Don’t emasculate your husband
  • Don’t emotionally detach from your husband
  • Husbands, lead your family and fight for your wife and kids
  • The health of your marriage is a choice, one that both parties make
  • Don’t give up

As you can see, a lot of these are quite convicting.  It’s easy to say, oh yeah, of course I do that but I know I fail a lot.  But the little stuff matters.  It really, really matters.  To those mommys and wifeys out there doing even some of these, give yourself a pat on the back!  You’re doing your job well!

Check out more Top Ten Tuesday posts over at

Cooking with the Pioneer Woman: Weekly Update


Breakfast Burritos (although not exactly the same recipe I used in the cookbook)

As the second to last recipe I have to make, it sure did take a long time to get to.  The recipe calls for TWELVE burritos and it’s not often I’m feeding more than 2 for breakfast at a time.  So even at halved, it was a lot of burritos!  My uncle and his family stopped in town on the way to Myrtle Beach and I sent them (and my parents and sister for the day) off with these burritos.  I have to admit I was pretty nervous about making these.  It’s not something I’ve ever had so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Plus, with red peppers, I was a little scared it would be too spicy for a breakfast dish.  However, they seemed to be a big hit.  Or, at least an edible hit!  I didn’t eat one but everyone seemed to like it.  Well, when I say everyone, all the adults.  My younger cousins didn’t like the red peppers, Lexi didn’t try it and Emma would only eat the stuffing.  So, if you have a hungry adult crowd, this would be a great way to fill them up.

OK, these weren’t in the book, but they were so good I have to include them.  Both of them were featured by PW from her Tasty Kitchen site.

Coffee Cake

I’ve never made a coffee cake and I have to say this was yummy.  But boy, oh, boy at the sugar.  I mean, wow.  I’m a sugarholic and let me say that was a lot of sugar.  But in the end, it paid off.  The cake was beyond belief yummy and moist.  I have to say though that this cake was actually better the day after.  When it was still warm, it seemed to fall apart and just hadn’t gelled properly.  Also, I had to let it cook much longer than it called for because I used a different pan and I still had a little bit undone in the middle.  However, you’ll never seem me complain about a little bit of cake batter.

Mystery Mocha

This was SUPERB.  Quite possibly one of my favorite desserts ever.  Restaurants included.  I’m serious.  OK, maybe not THAT serious.  But, I mean, it was seriously yummy.  I made it one day when my parents and sister were over swimming and the 8×8 pan was gone literally in minutes.  The cake part was nice and crusty on the outside and the coffee mixed with the sugars to make the best fudgey gooey inside ever.  It was perfect with some vanilla ice cream.  The best part is it is super easy with simple ingredients.  It was so good I didn’t even have time to take pictures.

ONE more recipe to go to complete the cook book!!

Sunday Highlights: Outlaws: 2nd and 3rd commandments

Today’s sermon was about the 2nd and 3rd commandments.  You shall have no other idols before me and do not take the Lord’s name in vain found in Exodus 20:4-7

God has always used people to show who He is.

The God you elevate with your mind and speech is the God people will see

We like to elevate things that are just above us: celebrity, power, ghosts, horoscopes, athletes, the cross, the Bible (paper and ink, not the message). There is nothing like Him so treat Him like nothing else.

God’s name is significant.  If you love Him, your speech will reflect that.  In the same way, Matthew says some will say Lord, Lord but He doesn’t know them.  They say one thing but their heart says another.  Our love of Him should come out of our heart and into our mouths.  The issue is hypocrisy.  How do we show who God is?  If you value Him so much, your words should reflect it.  We are priests and communicate who God is.  What name do you drop and what do people see?