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Emmy 2010 Wrap-Up

Just a few thoughts:

  1. SO excited for “Cam” from Modern Family for his win as well as the whole cast and crew for winning Best Comedy
  2. Very sad for Kyle and Connie for not winning their categories but a little surreal seeing them in the crowd!  So happy the show at least got recognized.
  3. The LOST song that Jimmy Fallon performed was hilarious.  “At least I tried.”
  4. George Clooney’s bit with Modern Family was gold.
  5. So many gorgeous dresses but these are my top 3








Old Navy Haul

So…I went to Old Navy today trying to score a few really good deals on those sweaters I blogged about yesterday.  I was so disappointed when they didn’t work out.  But here’s what I did get:

Fashion Friday: Fall Mommy Outfits

I started browsing Old Navy’s site the other day and just couldn’t quit mentally adding items to my wish list.  The past few seasons with Old Navy have been sketchy for me.  I thought I’d officially grown out of their style but I’m pretty excited about these.  Pretty basic but I love the rich colors.

So basically this is what I look like nearly every fall.  Jeans and a sweater.  Cool shoes and some jewelry if I’m lucky.  I’m so looking forward to jeans!  I would wear them year-round if it weren’t so hot!




I knew there was one more thing for my list today.  This deserves it’s own post anyway!

I have been saying for years that my friend Dani needs to start a blog but we could never quite settle down and get to it.   I finally wrangled her to my office and thus, was born.  We’ve been working several late, Starbucks-laden nights (why yes, I do work for coffee) working on the design and I’m super happy at how everything has turned out.   Dani is a fashionista at heart and always looks her best but just under those cute clothes is one of the biggest hearts I know.  Through the site, she wants to share her fashion secrets to help us all look and most importantly feel our best.  The best thing I can liken this to is a Mommy version of What Not to Wear.

She’s just getting started but has caught the blogging bug and has lots of plans oozing out of her creative mind!  I simply can not wait to see where this goes!  So hop over there and first tell her welcome and second, give her a big Happy Birthday message for today!

Love ya, Dani!

Thursday Laundry List

I have so much to tell you that I made a list while I was walking on the treadmill this morning at the Y.

1 – Let’s start there!  Three days this week I’ve gone to run/walk at the Y after dropping the girls off at school.  I can’t tell you how good it feels to start the day like that.  Then, midway through the day it’s like, wow, I don’t have to think about exercising because I did it HOURS ago.  Win!

2 – We got a new roof!  The roof, the roof, the roof is on fyah…ok, it’s not and it wasn’t. That’s just the song I start singing every time I say roof.  Actually we had hail damage a few months back along with many people in our neighborhood.  I think we’re the 5th house or so.  The shingles are a little darker and we got the 3-ply shingles. 


photo 4

3 – The girls had Independence Day at school on Tuesday.  Lexi grabbed Emma’s hand and they walked in like that.  Emma took her to her class and then walked to hers.  It still blows my mind that she would be the one leading someone into school.  A teacher stopped her though and told her she couldn’t do that again so Emma walks her to the commons area and then they each go down their own hall.  They are SO cute together and I love that they love each other so well.

photo 3

4 – We bought Monopoly Tuesday night.  Can’t tell you how disappointed I was to find the size of the property cards and color of Baltic and Mediterranean Avenue have changed.  I don’t know why.  Sometimes I don’t do well with change.

photo 1

photo 2

5 – MrsFussyPants is hosting a discussion on CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters.  Since reading Mere Christianity I’m psyched to jump in on that one.

6 – Marla Taviano is hosting a Radical Readalong.  I’m so excited to see what comes out of that.

7 – I tried out Facetime yesterday and it was amazing!  Excellent quality video and sound.   It’s like having a high quality, mobile web cam.  So much easier to show stuff to the other person. Not that I do that, you know, but just the fact that you can is pretty cool.

That’s it, I hope your Thursday is going well!