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2010 Blog Recap


Musings of a Housewife is holding a blog recap carnival.  You take the first few sentences of your first post of each month and post them.  However, I realized my archives apparently start from the end, so all mine are linked to the last post of each month.  Whatever.

I still saw some themes for 2010.  Some standards…the kids (Lexi started K!), TV, blogging (I sold!), fashion.  Some new things like cooking through The Pioneer Woman’s cookbook which turned my cooking world upside down. And most importantly, growing closer to Christ.  It’s been a good, changing year for me.  I would say, even, that this was a defining year.  I can honestly say I feel like a different person than this time last year and really, what more could you ask for? 

Happy New Year, y’all!


January In small group we’re reading through John together.  It’s been great to read back through Jesus’ life and it always inspires awe when I read all the miracles.  But when I got to John 9:25 just now, I wanted shout and give a big fist pump for God.

February  OK, now that I’ve heard all 24 I can say without a doubt this may be the worst Top 24 in quite some time.  I don’t know if the sound is just so bad on our end or the nerves are really getting to these guys or the talent is just lacking but SOMEthing is up.  This has got to get better soon or we’re in for a very painful season.

March This week has been tough in fan-site ownership.  Drama abounds.  And not just silly drama.  Drama that made a person involved cry for hours.  And it’s not just one incident, I’ve seen it since Day 1 on my other sites.  People can be nasty, hateful, rude.  It’s sad really when all we’re trying to do is promote something we love and have to deal with the crap we deal with.  But it got me thinking today.

April This is kind of heavy stuff for a Friday afternoon but I just can’t get these verses out of my head.  I shared them with our small group last week and it wasn’t enough to get it off my heart.

May  So for whatever reason you can’t get to your blog (or Twitter or Facebook).  Yourworkhasprobablyblockedit#ahem.  But don’t worry!  You CAN still post to it…even on your cell phone! to the rescue!

June Alternately title: I’M FINISHED!!!!!!  I got so excited yesterday realizing I only had one left that I decided to go ahead tackle the end of the book.  I also realized I’d never made the Pot Roast either!  So I tackled both the Breakfast Bowls and Pot Roast as my last dishes of the book.

July You know what’s depressing?  Having your Wii Fit tell you you gained 4 lbs. since your last workout.

August I started browsing Old Navy’s site the other day and just couldn’t quit mentally adding items to my wish list.  The past few seasons with Old Navy have been sketchy for me.

September Tonight I got a pedicure and it wasn’t a normal pedicure for a few reasons.  This pedicure went to a good cause and it wasn’t just my desperate feet!  The best kind of pedicure right?  Teal for Toes is an organization that helps raise awareness about ovarian cancer.

October The title of Chapter 6 is How Much is Enough?: American Wealth and a World of Poverty.  Platt spends the chapter discussing the blind spot of materialism we have and how God wants us to open our blind eyes to the poverty of the world.

November I’ve been in the blogging world now for almost NINE years.  Yep.  I’ve learned a thing or two about blogging and today I’ve taken a look at my favorite blogs and compiled of list of things that make me love them.  AND things that have made me hit that awful Unsubscribe button in my reader. I’m learning too even after 9 years so I’m taking notes on my notes!

December On Black Friday, I bought a handful of stuff from Old Navy that I decided to get as as a Christmas gift from my in-laws.  Included was a pair of fleece pajama pants.

The Pajama Pants

I must tell you the story of the pajama pants.

photo (1)

On Black Friday, I bought a handful of stuff from Old Navy that I decided to get as as a Christmas gift from my in-laws.  Included was a pair of fleece pajama pants.  Now, I have never had a legit pair of pajama pants as an adult.  The closest thing I ever got was the satin pajama set from Victoria’s Secret, which I highly recommend by the way.  I was very sad when I recently caught the knee of them on a door knob in my office and ripped a small hole.  Anyway, besides those I usually wore a pair of my yoga pants with a T-shirt.  So Saturday evening after opening our gifts at Scott’s parents Saturday afternoon, we all put on our pajama pants to settle in for some movies.  Some of you may have even seen my tweet.

Well.  I wore them Saturday night and then Sunday we were snowed in.  I didn’t get a shower and spent the morning cleaning.  Sunday afternoon I finally took a shower, changed the “important things” and then put my pajama pants right back on for me to lounge around the house.  I wore them Sunday night and until I showered on Monday at lunchtime.  I know.  Gross when you actually type it out like that.  But let me tell you, I double, triple, quadruple puffy heart the pajama pants.  They are SO comfortable.  I promise I’d still be in them if I had just a tad less sense than I do.  I told Scott yesterday that I needed to get another pair pronto.

Last night Melissa and I met for dessert to exchange Christmas presents and I busted out laughing as soon as I opened the box.  Oh, you guessed it.  Pajama pants.  From Old Navy.  IN THE SAME PATTERN.  Holy cow.  That’s what best friends are for.  Even better, she thought my big ‘ol hips would still fit in an Extra-Small.  Now that’s a best friend for you.


I am very sad to report the pants are all gone from the Old Navy website but I’d high-tail it to your local store and see if you can grab any on clearance!

Top Ten Tuesday: Photo Booth

It sounds silly but one thing I will really miss about my MacBook is Photo Booth.  It’s a sample camera that takes pictures with different effects applied and you can see yourself as you take the picture.  The kids loved it and it’s the one thing they mentioned they would miss.  Probably because it’s the only thing I would let them do on it.  It was always a fun time to take silly picture with one another at random times.  Most of them are garbage but there are a few that I would be sad if they disappeared and make me happy.

The three of us piled onto my bed one night.

Photo 130

A quick hug at my desk.

Photo 285 

Not sure but they effect was really cool. I feel like Marilyn Monroe.

Photo 295 Being silly on the couch.

Photo 405 Being extra silly on the couch.

Photo 520

  Impromptu family portrait in our bedroom.  Can’t leave out the Build-a-Bear.

Photo 146 Love my girl!

Photo 152

And we’re good at being silly sometimes.

Photo 161

Did I mention silly?

Photo 190

Lexi stealing the camera by herself one day.

Photo 206

Emma stealing the camera, feigning surprise, I’m sure.

Photo 235

Fun right?  So different than the usual family pics we grab around here. 

I think maybe what I’ll miss the most is not the Mac or Photo Booth but the moments we let ourselves be silly.

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Christmas Recap

We had a lovely Christmas weekend.  Scott had to work Friday and Sunday but we fit in a trip to each of our parents’ Friday night and Saturday.  Sunday was spent at home trying to figure out where to put everything AND playing in the SNOW.  I think it was the first white Christmas in Charlotte in 60 years or something.  In true Carolina fashion, the sun was out as soon as it was done and is quickly melting it today.

I have a few favorite memories I hope to keep with me from this year.

I created a “package station” where the girls had their presents in stacks, labeled with handmade paper snowflakes above it. 


Making the snowflakes brought back great memories of doing them in school.


But seeing the girls see something new and fun that I actually managed to hand make was WAY better.


We still have the snowflakes up and really I have no desire to take them down.

Mom and Dad bought Lexi a police officer outfit.  Cutest thing ever. Lexi has Emma in handcuffs as I type this and Scott is telling “security” to “take her away please” as he sits at their new Barbie cash register at the “mall”.


Lexi was quite animated opening presents.  This particular score was over new earrings.


Emma was just as excited but reserved in her reaction.  Her best reaction was over a Taylor Swift CD.  I loved reading the lyrics in the jacket cover as she played it on her new CD player my aunt got her.  I haven’t done that since 1997.


It’s not that she hated her unicorn pillow pet as I assumed when she busted out crying after opening it.  It was her last gift in her pile, none of which included the American Girl doll she was desperate to have.  I thought I’d be clever and put all but their big presents out and at the end say, “I have one more present for you." and then bring it out with much fanfare.  Christmas FAIL.  She calmed down when I explained it but wow, she really wanted that doll.


Which makes this pictures of the girls with their American Girl dolls oh so wonderful.




Love this impromptu family picture.  We had all piled in the chair in preparation for opening presents at Scott’s parents Saturday.


And finally, Emma and Lexi cackling over something at the snow man yesterday.  Not much better site than that.


I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Merry Christmas 2010


My heart is so full this Christmas.  I hope you experience His rich, rich love during this holiday season.