A Friday Few

The DHEC inspection this morning was painless.  The inspector was SO nice and flexible.  Less than 15 minutes but a few things we have to do. 

  • Outlet covers on all the outlets.  Half of ours have disappeared over the years and the new addition never got any. 
  • Cleaning supplies have to go on the 2nd of 3 shelves in the pantry instead of 1st. 
  • Cabinet door locks are needed in the bathroom where the medicine is.  At one time they were there and honest to goodness thought they still were. 
  • Daily medicine had to be moved from my yellow cabinet in the kitchen to the 2nd shelf in one of the kitchen cabinets. 

All painless and cheap.  Yay!  The DSS rep that is coming for the fire pre-inspection on August 3rd will check all these things.

Tonight is Beth Moore and I am ecstatic.  I get to go with Dani (&friends) and Heather and I hope to get to meet BooMama.  ECSTATIC.

I talked to Lexi today and like everyday, she says she misses me.  This morning I said, “I get to see you in one day!”  She gets panicky and says, “But I don’t want to leave the beach!!” I guess she’s doing quite fine.


  1. Heather W. says:

    So that means I only have to wait one more day for the puppy!!! And I wanna meet boomama too! Glad things with the inspection went well. Pretty much everything you would do if you were to have another baby anyway…