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Potato Candy


Potato candy.  I found out tonight that at least two of my friends do not know about potato candy and I am very scared there are more of you.  My mom made it time and again growing up and it was just one of those things that I assumed everyone knew about.  Apparently not and I’m here to fix that!

First, hang on to your seats folks because this candy is made from MASHED POTATOES!  OK before you check out, I promise it’s so yummy.  I wish I could just stuff a piece in your mouth and let it do the talking instead of trying to convince you but alas, it will have to do with a tutorial.

I’ll warn you, the recipe is kind of sketchy.  Anal bakers are going to hate this post.  But hang with me because the good part is it’s pretty hard to mess this one up.

This is the recipe you go to when you have that last 1/2-2/3 cup of leftover mashed potatoes and it’s not enough to go around for another meal.  It works best with real mashed potatoes.  If you’re not making The Pioneer Woman’s mashed potatoes you’re seriously missing out on life.  It’s not hard.  Really.

So if you have about 1/2 cup or so of potatoes left, put them in a mixing bowl with a teaspoon of vanilla.  Then grab a whole bunch of powdered sugar.  You’ll probably need about 5 cups for every 1/2 cup of potatoes.  Stir the powdered sugar in about a cup at a time.  It makes it really runny somehow, even if your potatoes were super thick.  So, add in a cup at a time, working it in until it turns into dough.  You’ll need to be able roll the dough out but you don’t want it crumbly.  Think about something slightly less stiff as fondant.

Once you get it to the right consistency, sprinkle your work area with powdered sugar and roll it out until it’s about 1/4” thick.  Parts of mine were a little too thick this time.


Now get your peanut butter out and spread a thin layer across the top.


You don’t want the peanut butter very thick because it will be messy when you roll it up.  I think I could have done this layer of peanut butter just a tad thicker.  But I can never get enough peanut butter so there’s that.  Ok.  Now carefully roll up the dough like a cinnamon roll.



At this point, you can cut the roll in half and put it in a gallon plastic bag or wrap it in wax paper and then put it in the fridge to harden.  Once it’s set about an hour or two later, take it out and cut it in 1/2” thick slices.  And bam!  Potato candy.  Clearly I couldn’t wait to taste it.


This basically tastes like creamy powdered sugar dipped in peanut butter. Maybe like a peanut butter fudge.  I don’t know.  All I know is it’s good.

My mom always kept it sliced up in a Tupperware container, separating the layers with wax paper.  Potato candy has a TON of sugar in it and it’s not good for you but definitely something you gotta try.

On (in)RL Friendships

“Amy, would you quit pouting?” Scott said in frustration on the way home from church yesterday.

“I’m not pouting, I’m thinking,” I explained.  And that’s always when I know that my brain has had enough.  I’ve over thought every single scenario, I’m staring off into space into some twilight over thinking zone and it’s time for some serious girl time.  I stalked my friend Dani yesterday until she agreed for a coffee date last night.  And she knew, after two weeks of Scott being away, that I needed to decompress.  She dropped everything and we talked for hours, both of us trying to figure out all the God rumblings and kid frustrations.   It’s what friends do and after this weekend I am ever more grateful.

With Scott being gone the last two weeks, I didn’t want to commit to the (in)RL conference.  The concept sounded wonderful—the online conference would be enjoyed from your home this past Friday and then instead of all the attendees converging in one location, you’d find a local meet up on Saturday to watch the simulcast together.  Once the tweets started coming in Friday, I just knew I needed to hear.  I registered 20 minutes into the first session and I’m so glad I did.



The conference was put on by (in)courage where many of my favorite bloggers converge to blog.  It was exciting and interesting and fun to have all these ladies that I know solely from the written word on screen talking about just what I needed…friendships.  Irony abounded as I watched all by my lonesome but I knew my friends were out there, always available at the drop of a text or an invitation to coffee.  So many nuggets gleaned beyond friendship.  Even simply hearing how God put (in)courage together made me want to jump in because it’s clear God is in the midst.  I walked away more thankful than ever for my friends and encouraged once again to follow God’s leading.

I find it fascinating that jumping into these real life friendships sounds a lot like what I just read from Bob Goff’s Love Does and even more ironically, I was picked to speak about friendships in the workplace this week at work.  The loving and the doing and the friending thing definitely all came to a head this weekend. I’m listening, Lord, I’m listening.


If you missed it, I’d highly encourage you to pick up the online pass and booklet that’s just $14.99.  I don’t get a penny for saying that, I just really think you’ll be encouraged and blessed.

Random New Things

It’s Friday and thought I’d share a few random new things (to me) I’ve seen pop up.



I saw some teenagers doing this at the festival last weekend.  It looks kind of cool until things don’t go right and then it just looks like a means of torture.  The guys I saw couldn’t even get on the line without a death grip on a nearby tree and when they fell off, were slapped by the line.  Perhaps it should be called slaplining. 

These guys make it look easy.




I saw this from @SarahBessey on twitter yesterday and had never heard of such. You bake a pie INTO a cake. I can see Scott LOVING this for his birthday.

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest



Italian Sodas


I’m very sure these aren’t new but they’re new to me.  Don’t these Italian sodas look yummy? I think I’ve found just what to do with all those yummy strawberries while they’re still around.



Kris Allen’s Vision of Love


In case you’re like me and you don’t normally watch American Idol’s results shows, you probably missed Kris Allen’s performance of his new single. I looked up the video and the message is even better. Love the chorus. The falsetto parts remind me of Enrique Iglesias and if you know me from waayyy back in the day, that’s a very good thing.




In other new news, Scott PASSED his drug recognition school with flying colors. We’re all so excited for him and I’m most excited that he’s home. What new things or news do you have going on?

The Story of that One Bad Day

Let me tell you the story of today (and only part of the day, mind you).  When I said I wanted my life to be full of adventure the other day this certainly is not what I had in mind.


Source: via Eveli on Pinterest


Well, we ought to start off Tuesday night.  I knew I felt a UTI coming on but really didn’t want to pay for an urgent care visit or take the time.  I figured I could drown it with water.  By lunch Wednesday, I realized it was going to be a no-go and if I didn’t care to be in pain ala Tom Hanks character in The Green Mile I was going to have to buck up and go.  I did and was ever so grateful to have some meds.

Last night I panicked a bit because I realized today I had to go to the office.  Normally it’s not a big deal because Scott is home and he helps get the kids ready for school while I’m getting ready.  I had everything ready last night though and besides the fact I couldn’t sleep last night, this morning went well. 

The day started to go wrong when my manager and I sat down mid-morning for a meeting and the fire alarm sounded.  I looked at him and said, “Is that like a legit fire alarm?”  And yes, I’m known for asking unnecessary questions.  I quickly began to regret the fact I had worn my most uncomfortable set of heels I own.  We have to take the stairs 5 floors down and then go stand in a parking lot. 

Wouldn’t you know, though, as soon as we got down there I realized I’d left my badge at my desk.  I couldn’t just hop back inside to get it because, you know, I needed my badge to get in the building.  That meant more walking to a different entrance when all of this was over and probably a blister too.


Source: via Jerome on Pinterest


Then, as if we were in a dark and twisty poem, dark clouds started moving pretty fast overhead and a quick look at someone’s cell said that we had just a few minutes before we were all in the middle of a bad storm.  We had to walk even further to the nearby parking deck for cover and climb a few flights of stairs to the deck entrance since they were now letting people back in the building. 

At this point though my feet weren’t my problem.  My stomach started to feel a little funny.  Once I got to the stupendously long line for those who didn’t grab their badges I was feeling worse and the hall had almost zero air conditioning.  I got hot.  Really hot.  I started fanning myself with my composition notebook.  Fan, fan, fan.  I was going to faint.  If you know me, you know I never get hot indoors and something was very wrong.  I even sat down on a nearby bench to get a small break both from my heels and you know, make the fainting hurt less.


Source: Uploaded by user via Mary on Pinterest


We eventually made it in without any fainting but I told my manager I’d need a few minutes to get some water and gather myself.  Twenty minutes later I was no longer about to faint but just did not feel well.  I’ll spare you the digestive details.  My manager saw that I wasn’t well and we canceled our meeting and he suggested I head home.  I was all about going home.  When someone says go home, I’m the first out the door but I just wasn’t sure I could drive.  I stuck around trying to breathe through my nose and drink water for another 30 minutes and then packed myself up and prayed my way home, trying to calculate what bathroom I’d use at each exit if necessary.

I made it home, and a quick Google search told me that most likely I was having awful side effects from the antibiotics.  I’m thankful the kids were at school and I was able to writhe on my bedroom floor for the next two hours in between trying to play ball with Tucker who’d been crated all morning since I was at work. Don’t you just love when the medicine that’s supposed to make you feel better gives you other, worse conditions?

Just as it was time for me to get the girls, I let Tucker out one more time.  Once I let him back in my bedroom I realized there was suddenly an awful dead fish smell in my room.  It didn’t take long to realize it was coming from dog poo on his paw that he was traipsing around my bedroom carpet.  Tucker!!!  I was barely well enough to walk but had to go wash him off with the hose outside.  Never mind the fact my carpet now needed clean and sanitized, we headed to get the girls.

I finally got the girls from school, got my new meds and got home.  I decided I was finally well enough to log back into work.  And then I see that Tucker has decided to use my secure ID card as a chew toy and rendered it unusable.  Tucker!!!!

Source: via Marshall on Pinterest



That’s when the laughing started.  Could this day get any worse?  Yes, much.  But, wow.  What a day.

American Idol Top 6

AMERICAN IDOL: L-R: Top 6 contestants Jessica Sanchez, Skylar Laine, Phillip Phillips, Elise Testone, Joshua Ledet and Hollie Cavanagh on AMERICAN IDOL airing Thursday, April 19 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOX.

Jessica – I think her voice was fabulous but she didn’t connect emotionally like the judges wanted. I think it was a bad song choice for her at this point.

Skylar – I felt like I was listening to a pro tonight. Reba definitely came to mind. I felt like the middle was weak but she was spot-on emotionally in the beginning and loved the big notes at the end.

Joshua – Why do I feel like this is hokie? He’s a good singer but I just can’t excited over him singing that.

Elise – If any night should be good for Elise, this is it. Felt like she fit just right. The question though is if that is her best, is that our American Idol? For me, no.

Phillip – Wow, for once I wasn’t totally taken by Phillip. I think tonight he didn’t feel effortless. He was having to push too hard.

Hollie – Somehow that sounded like a gospel song to me. And I actually really liked it. The judges were way too harsh if you ask me.

Jessica – Definitely beautiful. She’s like Whitney and Beyonce combined. Great to have that emotional aspect too.

Skylar – The country music lover in me loved that so much. So ready for her to make an album. It’s amazing the strides she’s made just in two months.

Can I just say I love whatever is going on between Joshua and Hollie. They’re so cute.

Joshua – That was just gorgeous. Favorite Joshua performance yet. Soulful, sexy. Gorgeous.

Elise – Gosh, I didn’t like that at all. Was something off key or what? And the speaking thing was weird. That’s gonna get her sent home.

Phillip – This is just not a Phillip night for me. That was just odd for me. The violin was really awesome though.

Hollie – Perfect song choice for her. Now that’s the way she’s going to get herself top 2.

Favorites: Joshua, Hollie and Skylar’s second song.  Jessica was good but I don’t know, I just can’t get myself to root for her to win.

In trouble: I think this is going to be Elise’s week to go after that second song