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What I’m Into – February 2013

Last month I mentioned candles and have been so happy to find this scent at Bath and Body Works.


Mahogany Teakwood really should be called Abercrombie & Fitch Store. Smells just like it when you walk by!

I have another scent coming and hope to have that on the March list!


I’ll save all the books I’ve read for another post but I’m seriously into this book.


So far it’s really changed some of my perspective about prayer and looking forward to it finishing up in the next few days.


I know this one’s weird but I’ve been into recovery drinks.  Last month I mentioned I’d been doing P90X.

We’ve continued through February but this month I started drinking a recovery drink afterwards.  Makes such a difference!  I don’t feel worn out or dehydrated anymore.  The girls even like it.


I got these Lia Sophia earrings at a party recently and I just love them.


I can wear them with almost anything.  Per usual, they look way better in person.


It’s interesting, I keep wanting to add some TV shows to this list because let’s face it, I’m usually into them.  But really, I need a what I’m NOT into post for those.  Nearly all my shows have been disappointing me lately—Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Nashville, even Modern Family!  I think I’m ready to give many of them up.

One thing I have been watching but I’m not sure I’m into yet is Doctor Who.


I’ve watched 9 episodes of the first season and I’m still not hooked.  Doctor Who fans, what am I doing wrong??


And finally for the techie folks, I’ve been really into the Genesis Framework for WordPress.




Which means, people, I have a brand new design waiting for you!  Squee!  It’s not quite ready to launch but I am just LOVING the framework.  Makes designing so much easier!


What’s your favorite thing right now?


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What I Wore Wednesday 02.27.2013

It’s Wednesday!  I share my outfits from the week with The Pleated Poppy’s What I Wore Wednesday.

I pair my outfits with inspirational photos.  Read more about that here.



I had a conversation about Tami Taylor from FNL the night before and needed to wear my Texan garb.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest


Source: via Amy on Pinterest



Sorry for the bad picture.  Those plant holders are nice and focused!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest


Source: via Amy on Pinterest


Putting these posts together for you isn’t getting old yet.  I just love finding these beautiful pictures.  Hope you are still enjoying them!

PMS and Trash Cans

Alright, here’s the deal. I’m having the worst bout of PMS I’ve had in quite some time.  Dear family, I do apologize for my wretched behavior the past few days.



Y’all, honestly, just wretched.

It’s one of those times where you know in mid-stride that what you’re doing and saying is so terrible but you cannot seem to stop yourself because your body has just taken completely over.

To give you just one example, the other day Lexi was complaining about a pair of her shoes and how they fit.  This is nothing new. She’s very particular about how socks and shoes fit.

Well, we went in rounds about how she WAS going to wear those shoes I just bought her because they were EXACLTY what she wanted and she was going on about how she WASN’T going to wear them because her toe in her right foot was hurting even though they were EXACTLY the same size as the previous ones and the next size up was too big for her.

I got so frustrated, that I yelled and stormed in the kitchen and threw the brand new shoes in the trash can, telling her she didn’t ever have to worry about the shoes again because they were GONE!

I knew as I was walking in the kitchen that what I was doing was so daft and I should just calm down and NOT throw the shoes in the garbage but I really could not stop myself.

Before long, she was crying, begging to keep the shoes and I was begging for forgiveness and neither of us knew whether she should wear the silly shoes or not.

Please tell me you have acted this way before!

I would like to blame the hormones, I really would but I truly believe in these times of stress that it simply just brings up the mess inside us already.

Just as Romans says, we all still do things we don’t want to do and don’t do things we want to.  We all still fight against our flesh but thank God I can still find Christ at the bottom of a trash can loving me anyway.

To Bar or Not to Bar

It’s been awhile since we’ve done any big projects around the house.  It’s been almost two years since we built on our master bedroom addition and since then, it’s just been small things here and there. 

Scott and I are both getting an itch to do something we’ve been batting around for quite some time.  The thing is, I still can’t decide whether I want to or not and I’d really like your input.

One thing I really wanted with this house but didn’t exactly get was an open floor plan between our living room, dining room and kitchen.  While there’s a nice open space to our kitchen, it’s not what I would call open.



Please excuse the dog crate with the John Deere blanket.  It’s just what it is.



We’ve been thinking of tearing out these top cabinets, or at least half of them, and knocking a hole through that wall so we have an island with a counter and bar stools.

I’ve been messing around in PhotoShop and while I’m no Layla or Kevin from The Lettered Cottage, I think the photos I did might give you a visual of what we’re thinking of doing.

Option 1 would only knock out part of the wall facing the dining room.  In this way, I can salvage half the cabinets up top and minimize seeing any mess in the kitchen with that short wall.

We’d need to paint the back door as the black is too stark from the living room.

Option 2 would knock out the entire wall above the bottom cabinets.


With this option I lose all my upper cabinets and I’m pretty concerned about the mess at the stove you could see from the living room as well.  We’d have to deal with repairing the ceiling too.  Oh, and our contractor told us we’d need to add a support beam in the attic. 

However, this option really opens up the room and I don’t think it would cost much more.


So, whaddya think?  Leave it alone, partial wall or tear the whole thing down?

What Mama Did

Five Minute Friday is changing it up a bit this week.  We’re to write on “What Mama Did” for five minutes.  No editing or backtracking.



I ate lunch with Lexi yesterday and we sat with one of the little boys and his mom.  The two littles started talking about the other kids in her class that were sitting back at the main table.  I’m embarrassed to say not all of it was positive.  Lexi wasn’t trying to be mean but kids call it as they see it.  Lexi calls me out all the time.  Why are you mad at me?  It kills me when she says that.  I stopped her yesterday at lunch.  Quit talking about your friends.  If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Lexi, naive, said I like to gossip.  I wanted to hide under the table.  I urged her to just quit.  She did and started talking about something else.  Probably her peanut butter and jelly sandwich she was picking apart. 

When she got home last night, I told her I wanted to talk to her about what happened at lunch.  Gossip isn’t nice and talking behind peoples’ backs will land you with exactly zero friends.  The Bible warns against and it’s really just not nice.  She assured me she wasn’t trying to be mean, she just liked talking about her friends.  She’s just too honest and naive now to know how that will turn out in a few years.  I could tell she got it though and we moved on to talking about the weekend.

I always thought mothering would happen with serious, hour-long conversations, but I’m realizing I get to dispense what little wisdom I have in spurts, like a Pez dispenser and its little candies.  And I’ve realized that’s what my mama did.  Years and years of teaching and guiding, sometimes seconds at a time showing me what wisdom looked like.  She still does it.  Sometimes just a sentence between what we had for dinner and what she found shopping that day.

Motherhood sometimes doesn’t look like I thought it might, but I sure hope it looks a lot like what mama did.