More on Feathers, God’s Message To You and a FREE Printable


Over the weekend, this feather thing did not die down at all (read this and this to catch up). In fact, more people have contacted me telling me that they have found feathers. Scott even had someone stop him while he was out to tell him she reads here (Hi, Lara!) and she and her friend had found one each!  It’s so crazy!  Two ladies, 8 states apart were both apple picking this weekend and each found one (Hi, Abby and Katrina!). I have zero idea if that has any significance, but it’s awfully cool!

God would just not let this go for me either.  I found some more feathers while I was doing some yard work on Saturday morning. I have an entirely different post to write about that.

Through the weekend, God began to recover some memories of a sermon I heard a long time ago about the Jewish traditions and the significance of feathers and wings with the tallit, or prayer shawl that Jews would wear.  After some digging and researching, I truly believe that God is trying to speak to us and has some comforting words.

In the meantime, God has been pulling me out of my comfort zone lately and asking me to speak instead of just write.  It’s so entirely not in my wheelhouse to speak.  However, it was so much to wrap my head around, I’m not even sure I could have written it all.

I know it’s long, but if you have a few spare minutes, please watch this.  I’m far from a scholar (give me grace), but God can still speak to you through my stumbling words. He wouldn’t put me through this if he couldn’t!

If you can’t watch, know that God loves you so much and you are not alone in your struggles!

As a thank you, I created a FREE printable for you. Even if you haven’t found your feather yet, you can print this and let it be your reminder.  Click HERE for the download or feel free to pin the image below.

Psalm 91:4

Keep sharing your feathers with me in email or on our Facebook wall and we can all share on Friday on social media with #FeatherFriday.

Remember, it’s not about the feather, but about a God who wants to remind you to draw close to Him in your struggles.   He is ready and oh so willing to protect you, love you and provide for you.


  1. Amy that was awesome. I cried nearly the whole time just thinking about how awesome God is and to think of how he is using you and how incredibily shy you were, but with God he takes our weaknesses to show how as we open up to him, his Holy Spirit will flow through and edify. Mom

  2. Sounds like a PROVISION story to me. 😉
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