Eagle Feathers: Friends in the Valley

First, I must preface this with how much our hearts are bent towards the rememberance of 9/11. May God be ever so close to those affected by this day. In fact, if you know someone like that, please watch today’s video and reach out to them. xo


Have you ever gotten an unexpected package on your doorstep? A phone call just when you needed it? A text that made you giggle on an otherwise sour day? An email with an encouraging story? It’s these little things from our friends that sustain us in hard times.

See what the eagle can teach us about being a good friend to those traveling through a valley in today’s video:

Don’t forget to pray for that one person you can reach out to to encourage, even if it’s just to say thanks for encouraging you.


And for those not following on the FB page (you should be!), here is a little logistics update:

I’ve been working on a few pages to help tie some posts together.

1 – A new page with our Adoption Story. It’s all the posts I’ve written over the past years with a short blurb about our story and how we got here:http://www.amyjbennett.com/our-adoption-story/

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3 – And finally, my favorite. I’ve been working on a page to track all the feathers you guys have been telling me about. If you don’t see yours on here, let me know. If you want yours taken off, let me know! I’m working on a snazzy timeline feature, but this’ll do for now:http://www.amyjbennett.com/the-feathers/

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And before I go, I have to tell you someone found a feather on a pew at church on Wednesday night. Someone explain that one! Crazy town!




  1. diana Weimer says:

    Well I’m loving your series! I’m so surprised that more people are not commenting, but I’m sure they are enjoying it as well! God is using this time when you are feeling the most vulnerable to show you his greatness! Love you, mom