Feathers #001 with Jessie Weaver [Podcast]


In this episode, I chat with Jessie Weaver.

Jessie is a stay-at-home mom to three little ones: Libbie is 6, David is 4, and Joshua will be 2 in March. She is a freelance writer and editor, working for ParentLife and HomeLife magazines. She has been blogging since 2006, and last year made the move to JessieWeaver.net


In this episode Jessie and I open up the episode with a chat about the terrible 2’s and essential oils.

Jessie then shares the story of how her and her husband had plans as a young married couple for her husband to become a college professor and for them to move close to their parents and raise a family.  God completely disrupted their plans, taking them down paths they never thought they’d go. At times it seemed that God had forgotten them and He wasn’t on their side and yet, by trusting Him through these twists and turns, God provided in ways they couldn’t have guessed and formed a life they love and is able to influence hudnreds of young men for the glory of God.

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 Devise your strategy, but it will be thwarted;
    propose your plan, but it will not stand,
    for God is with us. Isaiah 8:10

Feathers #000 with Amy J. Bennett [Podcast]


Eek! Welcome to Feathers!

If you need a catch up what all these feathers are about or what this podcast is about, this is the episode to check out.


In this episode, I share some thoughts about faith, our feather story, which I’ve written about here and finally, describing the format of future episodes of Feathers, Feathers will be a weekly podcast where I will be interviewing one guest per week. The guest will be sharing their faith stories.  What are the times when God calls us to do something scary/crazy/beyond conventional wisdom or perhaps the times God dropped a difficult season in our lives and then asked us to remain faithful to Him? Hopefully these stories will encourage and inspire you to believe Him more.

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Links from the Episode


I would love to connect more with you guys about the episode. Leave a comment here or we can chat about the episode on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

If you get a chance, please rate and review the episode on iTunes.  This *really* helps iTunes find us and most of all, helps spread this message of faith and hope.


He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. Psalm 91:4

Some Q&A About the New Podcast Feathers Launching Tomorrow March 10th



Sometimes messages get lost in social media and email and so I wanted to reiterate today that yes, I’M STARTING A PODCAST AND IT LAUNCHES TOMORROW, MARCH 10TH!

I thought I’d take a little time to talk about what to expect on Tuesday and going forward.

How about a little Q&A? I’ll try to imagine a question you might have, pose it to myself and answer it. Yes?

Amy, you’re starting a podcast? What is it about?

Great question, friend! The podcast is all about faith and it’s called Feathers. In each episode, I’ll be interviewing a guest and having them share their faith stories. These are the stories where God called them to something, it felt scary or didn’t make sense, and yet they obeyed and we get to see God do what He does–works it out in His way.  Or, perhaps God led someone through a season of suffering and asked someone to remain faithful.

Why are you doing this and why should I listen?

As it turns out, this podcast about faith is one of those times God is calling me to something that was never on my radar. It feels scary and is requiring me to step out in faith and obey.  As I’ve pondered this the past few months, what I think God wants is simply for His people to believe Him more.

Jesus talked about some people having small faith and some people having great faith. I don’t know about you, but I want great faith. 1 Peter says our faith is worth more than gold. I believe one way our faith grows when we hear others share their stories of God working in their lives. This podcast is simply another platform for people to share their stories to give glory back to God for what He’s done and to encourage others in their own walks. I hope people can take flight in their own faith.

Why is it called Feathers?

I’ll tell the whole story in the first episode that launches on Tuesday, but if you want to read aboout it, here’s a summary post. The short version is God has placed feathers in my path the past few years to confirm His work in my writing and in our family’s adoption. The feather is simply a symbol of a faith-building time in our lives and a nod to God’s word where it says we should soar on wings like eagles.

Who is on your podcast?

Right now, the guests are other bloggers. You’ll hear from Jessie and Kathy tomorrow and I have several interviews completed with more. In the future, it might just be someone you know in real life. I’m open to interviewing anyone who has an amazing story and can share it. Once you hear the podcast and you know of someone that would make a great guest, let me know!

How often will you have the episodes?

Well, for just this Tuesday, 3 episodes will be released together. The first episode is called Episode Zero. Basically, it’s like an intro episode to the podcast that I do by myself. I talk a bit about faith, tell my feather story and why the podcast is called Feathers and then share what to expect in future episodes.  Episodes 1 and 2 with Jessie and Kathy will be released at the same time (different blog posts).

From then on, a new episode will be released every Tuesday.

How long are the episodes?

The intro episode is 25 minutes. I don’t have a set length for the interview episodes, but it’s turning out to be 30-40 minutes.

How can I listen to the podcast?

You are going to have several options.

  • Option #1 – Listen right here on the blog. Each episode will be launched with a corresponding blog post. Within the blog post, there will be a player and you can listen directly from there.
  • Option #2 - Listen on your mobile.  If you have an iPhone, you have a built-in app called Podcasts. In there, you will be able to search for “Feathers”, subscribe to the podcast and listen from the app.  If you have a non-Apple smart phone, you should be able to download the Stitcher app and do the same.
  • Option #3 - Listen from iTunes. If you have the iTunes app on your desktop, you can search in the iTunes store for “Feathers” and you should be able to scroll down to the Podcast section and find it. As of this writing, the iTunes store has not approved the listing so it’s not there yet, but I will let you know as soon as it is.

How can I get notified of a new episode?

So, you’re telling me you’re not going to be anxiously awaiting a new episode every Tuesday? Fine. I highly recommend you joining my email list. You’ ll get an email with every new post from the site. I’m working on one specifically for the podcast episode blog posts and when I get that set up, I’ll let you know.


Alright, that’s all the questions (and answers) I have for now.  Let me know if you have more. I’ll be happy to answer them (clearly).

In closing I’ll just request two things from you.

Will you please take some time this week to listen? And when you do, will you give me a heaping dose of grace? I still think God could have gotten a gazillion other people who are more qualified. My intros could be better, the sound could be better, my responses could have been better. But you know what?  The whole thing isn’t about me, it’s about you seeing Him. He showed up in these conversations and I’m praying like crazy you meet Him there.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for traveling this journey with me. I do believe these wings are ready to take flight.

Adoption: 7 Month Update

Today marks 7 months with Jac0b. I’ve been trying all week to write an update. I don’t want to miss marking it, but I couldn’t find the right words. As it turns out, I didn’t have the words at all.  Jac0b had just 8 words that sums up how things are going.

Last night the girls had friends over. I knew they would stay up late and I knew if I let Jac0b do the same, we’d have a rough day today. So I insisted he went to bed early. He wasn’t happy. I had to get my Mom-voice on.

After teeth brushing and more pleas to stay up, we eventually fell into bed. He’s usually pretty talkative at bed-time, but he was quiet. He’s fiddling with a few toys he keeps around his bed and for the first time and out of the blue he says, “Now it feels like you’re my real mom.”


That is how it’s going. It’s all happening. It’s not easy and parts are messy, but we’re bonding. We’re becoming family.

My desire is not to replace anyone as a real anything, but I do want this relationship with him. I do want to be his mom and not just a caretaker. He’ll always have his birth mom and he’ll always have his foster mom, but for our 7 month anniversary, he gave me the gift of being his real, adoptive mom.

Feathers: 5 Days!


Feathers release is 5 days away. I probably should be scared, but I’m not.  I take that back, I shouldn’t be scared because the Lord is with me, but a version of Amy would have been scared. But, let me tell you, I have seen the Lord. I feel truly like I am standing on holy ground. God is so faithful, guys.  Just so faithful.

Every single step of this I have been so clueless and so inept and yet, every time I brought my weakness to Him, He has guided me. I’m not saying this podcast is perfect and I don’t look like an idiot sometimes and the sound is perfect, but God is in it.

Let me give you a glimpse into just a few things that really feel like God-things to me right now.

First, the release date.  It took me forever to even get a release date. I was waiting for it to be perfect and I think I said it in my last post, but I just got to the point where I just needed to be obedient and release it.  I felt peace about March 10th, but I didn’t pick it strategically. I just felt like I could get it done by then. It just happens that it’s the month we are celebrating 7 months with Jacob home. If you need to know that significance, you need to read this post.  Also, the date is on 3/10. 10-3=7.  Yeah, I don’t consider those accidents.

Second, the choice of the first two episodes. I interviewed several guests and then really struggled on what order to release them. Some of them have similar tones or topics and I wanted to stretech it out. God kept leading me to two interviews and just today I began to see the significance. Their stories are tied together, not literally, but in their topics. Both stories include foreclosures of homes and between the two stories, God’s people are led and taken care of by His hand. You’ll see more of what I mean next week, but suffice it to say God is being clear that He can handle it all. We can trust Him with whatever he is leading us through.

Third, the Lord led me back to my journal to see when I began to think about podcasting. On December 10th I wrote, “So drawn to pdocasting, but about what and with whom? What could I talk about forever?” Y’all, I was so clueless what this would look like and He was so faithful to lead me through. And yes, I could talk about these God stories forever.

Fourth, it’s exactly 3 months from December 10th to March 10th. The 3 isn’t particularly significant that I can think of right now, but I love that it’s the same date.

And finally, the December 10th date is signifciant for me.  I have felt for a long time that our adoption and in extension of that, our feather story and this podcast, is a redemption story in response to my emotional affair. December 10th just happens to be the date many years ago when things began to go all wrong. This is personal for me because back then I would say, “I feel like I could talk to you forever.” It’s hard to admit and I don’t like it, but God is so faithful and He’s redeeming those words.  He has put a new story in my mouth and I will talk about HIM, the one true lover of my soul, forever.

He’s so good. He’s so good.

I don’t know what else to do, but just invite you into the stories. To invite you to know our God better.  He just wants to be with you and love you and these stories will help you know him better.

My prayer right now is simply that He increases our faith. Whatever point we are in our journey with Him that He would just scoot us one step closer to Him and that we would trust Him and say yes no matter how he’s leading us.

I hope you’ll meet Him there.

5 days.