Goodnight, One Tree Hill

I couldn’t seem to get through the day without talking a bit about One Tree Hill.  The last episode is on tonight and while I’ve only watched just a few from this season, I can’t help but acknowledge the mark it made on my life.  Can a TV show make a mark on one’s life?  Should it?  I don’t know, but it did.

My sister finally got me to watch it just when Season 4 was on.  I was hooked.  That sad, introspective boy with the crush on the girl got to me and I was staying up night after night trying to catch up.  I remember one particular Friday night I stayed up until 4am watching episodes. 

About this time in 2007, monetizing blogs were really taking off and I watched as one of my friends made several hundred dollars from a fan site.  I was already blogging about One Tree Hill on my personal blog and as much as I loved the show, I just knew I could do that too.  Well, I did.  Off went in just a few months.  I remember the first month I was shocked when I made .30 in a day.  Nine months later, the site had blown up and if the money had continued at its peak, I could have completely replaced my income.  But it wasn’t all about the money.  I truly loved the show.

My parents got into the show and before we knew it, we had to visit the nearby set in Wilmington, NC.  We went for my 30th birthday in July of 2008. We got to see Quinton’s funeral filmed, visit the set and really get to know this Tree Hill.



Oh, and how about running into “Nathan”, “Brooke” and “Millie” on our way to get ice cream?



In March of 2009, Heather and I went for a unofficial fan reunion where we saw a ton of filming and I finally got my picture with CMM and creator Mark Schwahn as well as many other cast members including Nick Lachey who was guest starring at that time.


(Yes, I know.  I look like I’m about to eat him.  I was trying to talk.)





I went back to extra in the show in 2009.  Although minute, I’m happy to say I was a part of the show.


I ended up selling the blog at the end of 2010 and my interest the show waned as characters left and the show really changed.  I’ve also (tried to) tempered my obsession over TV in the last year or so but I can’t deny how much I loved it. 

I have friends that I would have never met…Carolyn, Denise, Kaitlin, Amanda and Jason just to name a few.  The show monetarily provided for my family and many others.  And of course, the characters gave me something to cheer for, laugh with, hope for, cry over, learn from and simply enjoy. 

Lucas, Peyton, Brooke, Nathan, Haley, Mouth and Skills especially will always be special characters.  Thanks to all the cast and crew that brought them to life and all the people that supported OTHBlog and shared my crazy love of a TV show.

Goodnight, One Tree Hill.