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Reunion Day #1

So last night was our last reunion meeting.  Yay!  I didn’t even think about that until I just typed that.  Our leader seems a bit bitter about the whole thing.  I had suggested we lower the at-the-door price so more people would show up and she agreed but you could tell she didn’t want to come down on it.  She said she didn’t care about how she dressed.  She didn’t want to provide drinks at the game.  She didn’t want to do appetizers at the after game party.  I understand the whole money thing and we’re overbudget right now but it seemed she didn’t want to do it because she was like mad about the whole thing.  I don’t know.  Tonight is the game.  I have to meet her there at 6 to help set up and greet people.  Then tomorrow I have to go get the cake and be there about 12-1 to help decorate.  The good news I have no responsibilities at the actual reunion. I don’t have to speak, hand out anything.  Just have to sign people in in the first 30 minutes.  That’s it.  And that should be easy.  OH!  I need to go get some cash out of the bank.  Whew, glad I remembered.  I think it may turn out pretty good though.  The only thing I think is sketchy is the food.  It’s not supposed to show up until 15 minutes after the start time so it can get there and we just eat.  But that’s going to look redneck if we’re eating out of styrofoam carryouts.  I hope they’ve thought about what to put it in.  In fact, I just emailed them about it.  Ugh, I can’t wait until this is over.  I AM really excited to see everyone but I just hope its not lame.

New hairdo

Yesterday was an event.  I decided to have my hair cut and colored by someone who was twice the distance but half the cost.  She was highly recommended by a good friend.  I was not disappointed.  It’s a cute cut and I got 3 colors in my hair!  The top was dyed back to my regular brown color (after I had put in sun-in in it this summer).  The bottom half is 3 shades of brown darker.  Then I have a one inch stripe of honey blonde about an inch back from my face.  Yes, people, there are strands of blonde in my hair.  I really like it.  And my mom, sister and husband all like it and they usually are pretty upfront about reviews on my hair. 

Here’s the bad part.  The blonde came out too bright and the darker brown not dark enough.  So she had to do it twice.  And Scott told me while I was getting it done that he was supposed to be in Charlotte for a very important meeting in about an hour from then.  So he had my sister come over to my house to watch the kids until I got there.  Well, I took our Jeep to the salon and when I came out of the salon, it would not start.  And Scott was already on the way to Charlotte.  So Heather had to get Lexi up from her nap and bring Emma and my niece with her on the 35 minute drive to get me.  So I ended up going to a little restaurant across the street (which was on Main Street in a small town) and had a salad and piece of pie.  So from my end it was a nice afternoon but poor Heather had to scramble.  The good news is Emma and my niece fell asleep on the way and I did get her out of about 2 hours of work.


So it looks like I might actually have found some help for the girl in my bible study.  There’s some guy the state Baptist convention recommended.  He’s some sort of dr but I haven’t talked to him so I’m not sure exactly what type of services he provides.  I also found some books that I think would really help her.  I see so much potential and hope for this girl.  I hope she runs with all advice and help we will hopefully have for her.

work update

I ended up working 43 hours last week.  That’s 13 hours above my normal work week.  That’s ridiculous.  I got everything fixed and it’s all working, but whew.  And it’s not slowing down either.  I’ve got a lot to do this week and next week.  But I think I can do it in my regular work hours.  Hopefully anyway.

Terrible two’s–again

Yes, I think Lexi is headed straight into terrible two’s.  She didn’t even give me the extra few months until she actually turns two.  She has become very demanding lately and really even bossy sometimes.  She has learned the word “GO!”.  The other day Scott was sorting through some washers on our dining room table.  She crawled up there and was playing with them and I was telling her not to play with Daddy’s stuff and walked over to her.  She literally started pushing me away (not hard) and kept saying Go…Go!  I didn’t even knew she knew that word yet.  And she has learned to pout.  Like stick out her lip, put her head to her chest type pout.  Tonight she even went and sat on Mom’s fireplace and pouted like that.  I of course ignored it.  But sometimes, I’ve given in.  Sometimes she has crocodile tears and REALLY wants something that Emma or someone has taken from her and she is DETERMINED to have it.  And sometimes giving it back to her is not good enough.  I don’t know.  She is definitely getting one little spunky attitude.

A lot of people say different things like, she’s my “boy” or she’s “alpha-female”.  She is much more active and daring than Emma is and although Emma can be a bossy little thing–more organizer–Lexi kind of just does her own thing.  She tends to play on her own even if there are others around and she’s like in her own little world sometimes.  She is content to play on her own and usually is pretty content and happy except for those aforementioned terrible two moments.  But she is scared of almost nothing.  Even today we went over to a friend’s house that has twins her age.  After I rang their doorbell, she is trying to open the door from the outside and almost falls in when they do open the door.  Then she walks away from me into the house, right past my friend and her daughter’s and head for the toys in the living room.  I was like, uh, make yourself at home, Lexi!  Emma would have wanted me to hold her while we waited at the door, put her head down on my shoulder when they opened the door and then spent 10 minutes sitting very still on my lap.  Then of course she would have felt comfortable, got up and began bossing people around (in that polite, organizing kind of way) and been fine.  Another example of what I mean by Lexi…same playdate today.  We went to the park.  Lexi took a couple spills on the slide and steps and we were trying to go back to the swings.  Well, I tried to put her in one of the swings, but she wanted a different one.  The same on the one of the twins was wanting in. I tried to pick her up and put her in the one I originally wanted her in and she flung her legs (while crying of course) and wouldn’t let me put her in.  I ended up just holding her, giving her her paci and blankie and she got down, sat in her stroller and just sat quietly there while the other two finished up swinging.  She is just determined and I think would just rather not do it than not do it her way.  I don’t know, sometimes she does really good at sharing and gives things to Emma for her to take a turn with and most of the time she’s easy going but when she decides to make a deal, she can do it and will stick to her guns.