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Savings this week

So can you believe I have not been to CVS or Walgreens this week?  There just wasn’t anything I really was interested in.  I guess they outdid themselves for Black Friday.  I also had fallen off the menu planning/grocery store thing the past week or two but made it back today.  Without too much planning, I saved 40% in one trip and 32% at another.  Not the greatest but I got a ton of stuff and probably won’t have to do major shopping for a couple weeks.

So the holiday parties begin

I am going to be BUSY the next few weeks with parties and such.  Here’s the run down.

  • Sat Dec 1 Choir Christmas Dinner
  • Fri Dec 7 Scott’s Shift Party
  • Sat Dec 8 Jaynee’s White Elephant Exchange
  • Wed Dec 12 Youth Group Cotillion.  Also Scott’s county’s Christmas Dinner but he’ll be going to that since he’s working and I’ll go to the cotillion
  • Sat Dec 15 Daughtry concert – not Christmas, but on the schedule nonetheless
  • Wed Dec 20- Sun Dec 23 Will be in Maryland visiting family and will probably attend 3 separate Christmas get-togethers
  • Mon Dec 24 Not sure on the date on this but we have a Christmas thing at Scott’s grandmothers
  • Tues Dec 25 Christmas day we have Christmas here in the morning and then usually visit both parents houses
  • Also not scheduled is our get-together with D&D.

That is all happening within about 3 weeks.  I’m thinking I need to get all my shopping done this weekend or I seriously need to do it online.

I survived NaBloPoMo


I was very sure I could do this without batting an eye but there were a few days where it was 10pm and there were no posts for the day.  I actually had to think about what to write a few times.  That being said, I did it.  Posted every day in November and survived NaBloPoMo.

False alarm?

Well after drinking four or five glasses of water last night and a full night’s sleep, the major pain I had last night is gone this morning.  It still doesn’t feel quite right on my left side but it’s lower down and not as strong.  I’m hoping that means it’s an intestinal issue versus kidney issue.  People are scaring the crap out of me about passing a stone.  I really don’t care to have another birth story.

Christmas Music

I was lucky enough to be one of the 150 people to get Michael W. Smith’s new Christmas CD for free. I signed up and then had it within 2 days I think.  We’ve been listening to it in the van and it’s a great CD.  If you’re looking for instrumental, very calming Christmas music, this is it.  It would make background music to a party or even while working if you don’t want anything to distracting.  Take a listen here.