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The new venture

OK, so I guess I can talk about this new venture I’ve signed up for. First off, everyone, I realize I am already very busy and probably don’t have time for this. But I’ve thought and thought about it and Scott and I have talked about and actually almost backed out today but I think I can do it. Before I go farther, here’s the lowdown.

A good friend of mine along with a group of people have started a new web site, that actually launches for real tomorrow. I like to describe the site like a youtube for tech videos.  Not sure if the creators would appreciate that but without seeing it, that’s the easiest way I’ve found to describe it.  So what does it have to do with me?  I was asked to host an online show.

Now that is harder to describe.  Basically it’s going to be me chatting/reporting about different tech-related…things.  Maybe a news story or a product review or new websites to check out.  And me hopefully being a little funny and entertaining.  Honestly, we’re not clear exactly what the content of the show will be.   The best thing is to point you to something like or WebbAlert.  I expect much less news-y than Morgan Webb though.

So I spent the weekend doing a sort of audition type video.  It did take a lot of time and really being in front of the camera is not easy.  But I did get one video that I felt comfortable showing them and they were very excited about it.  And really, the best one was me just being goofy and talking like I would with my friends or family..he actually called it rambling.  I would never, ever ramble!!  OK, maybe I would and apparently that’s a good thing.  Especially when I’m talking about stuff I really like like my iPhone.

So the trick right now is finding the right vibe/content for me to make this successful.  I know watching just me isn’t that interesting but once they add the special effects and edit it all I have full faith it will be great and I know my friend is a perfectionist just like me so he won’t let anything subpar out for public viewing.  Or at least I hope not.  Do you think I should worry the site is getting launched on April Fool’s Day??? 

So back to the time involved in this.  Well, I think this is going to be like OTH was.  It’s going to take a whole lot of time upfront and I’m going to be clumsy at first.  But after I really figure out “my voice” and we figure out exactly what content to fish for, I think it will come more easily. They wanted something weekly but I knew there was NO WAY I could do what I just did this weekend every single week so I said once a month for now.  I have a few weeks in April to get the first one filmed and hopefully it will be put on the site in May.

At this point I’m getting no monetary compensation but I completely understand a start-up and hopefully part of making this a successful site for everyone is providing unique content.  I think it has huge possibilities and I hope the site is successful even minus any part I have in it.  So for now, my “compensation” is knowing I may be a part of something bigger later on and I’m doing something new and I get to gab about techie stuff which obviously I have no problem doing (see all 7 paragraphs above).

March OTH Blog Report

I’ve been really excited about how well the One Tree Hill Blog did this month.  They had a huge episode (100th one) and season finale of sorts since we’re now in a writer’s strike induced break until we have 6 more episodes starting April 14.  So for that reason, I think numbers skyrocketed.  Especially since they sort of plummeted since then.  I expected the lull but still hate it nonetheless.

So we had more records set this month.  A high of 43,000 page views the day after the 100th episode.  Before that, we were averaging in the 20-30K range.  Since the last episode aired, we have been averaging 15,000 a day.  We had a monthly total of almost 600K page views.

But let me tell you the shock and awe I experienced when I read another very well established OTH fan site has 22 MILLION hits in a month.  Holy Cow!  I thought we were doing well but we are just eating the crumbs.  I know it’s only been 3 months and they’ve had 4 years but still.  It definitely put things into perspective.

That being said, I’m still ecstatic about the financial numbers for the month.

I know today is not over, but this is what is expected at the close of today:

  • BlogHerAds: $760
  • Adsense: $170
  • Kontera: $48
  • Linkshare: $18
  • Total: Right under 1K at $996

That ROCKS!  Trust me, I’m not complaining about having an extra 1K in my pocket but I still see more potential (just do some multiplying and there’s potential for making thousands of dollars)!  Although really, you could never have convinced me that in 3 months time, we’d be this far so I really have been quite happy how March has turned out.

On Twittering

I’ve been on Twitter for several months now but recently just “got it”.  And I love it.  Something else to update on the web when I have absolutely nothing to do!

If you read here and you twitter and you’re not on my following list, let me know.

I’m here – just tired

Wow, something has wiped me off my feet today. Not sick just really tired. Let me give you a quick update from the weekend…

Friday was spent working. I worked until 12:30 in the morning. That was fun….Not. (when’s the last time you heard that??)

Saturday we didn’t wake up until 10:30. I then went to get a hair cut. Then we spent the afternoon at home and evening at J&J’s house for dinner.

Today we had church and a very. very. long youth council meeting. I’ve spent the rest of the evening at Mom’s napping and spending some time with Mom and Dad since they are headed to sunny Jamaica tomorrow for the week.

I’m not sure how this week will turn out. Our hardwoods are *supposed* to come Wednesday and if so we’ll have quite a crazy week. If not, I’m not seeing any major plans popping up.

Feel the love

I’m cleaning the sunroom, Scott is sitting on the recliner watching TV.

Scott: Honey, thanks for cleaning.

Amy: No problem, you just sit right there, I’ll take care of it all.

Scott: I’m tired.

Amy: Really? I feel great, I think I could clean for 20 more hours.