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American Idol Top 5

I have to say overall tonight was an amazing show.  I really feel like the right 5 are there and they are all amazing.  There really are no losers at this point and they’ll have to really drop the ball not to get a recording contract.  But as for tonight..

Kris – When Kris does make his record (and apparently with Jamie Foxx) I know I’m going to love it.  Because almost every single week he picks songs that are already favorites of mine. The Way You Look Tonight was fantastic.  I loved that he still gave it his Kris-vibe (and I love that there is a Kris vibe now).  That last note he sang was out of this world.

Allison – To quote Jim from The Office I think Allison did “as well as you might expect someone like him to perform in a position like that.”  Basically, the Rat Pack isn’t Allison’s thing but she did well.  I just felt her voice was a little too edgy/raspy for the song.

Matt – Overall I feel like Matt did well but I really expected more from him tonight.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  I really think Matt has lost a lot of confidence in his performances.

Danny – The Hero-esque Danny was back tonight.  He held up well in the low, slow notes and then busted out in the end with something unique but not too screamy.  He was just. right. tonight.

Adam – My insides do this yucky thing inside when I think about Adam tonight.  I really imagined him having a dress on with a slit up the side walking down those stairs.  The guy can sing, yes, but I just got that ugh feeling from him again tonight.  And that last note?  I know I’m not a music professional but was it off or what?  Maybe he was on it just right and I just didn’t like how he did the end.

My order tonight

  1. Danny
  2. Kris
  3. Adam (b/c he CAN sing I won’t put him in bottom 2)
  4. Allison
  5. Matt (once again Allison and Matt are interchangeable for me)

Compassion India

jayapriya I’ve blogged about Compassion a few times.  You may have noticed the badge I have on my right sidebar.  That’s not just  random advertising.  Compassion is an organization that helps children all over the world in poverty.  You sponsor a child for $32/month.  Lord knows we spend that much in Starbucks…in a week sometimes.

This week there are a group of bloggers visiting India on behalf of Compassion.  They’re seeing how Compassion works first hand.  One of the bloggers Pete mentioned in an email that I should go on one of their trips.  My first response?  My heart couldn’t take it.  I’d have so many tears I wouldn’t be able to see straight.  After reading their posts for today I’m realizing I can hardly take  just reading about it.  And maybe Pete’s right…maybe that’s exactly why I should go if I ever get the chance.

Two things I have to share that particularly hit me today.  I twittered on Sunday about having the song This is the Day stuck in my head.  Then the only video that Pete posted today was of an Indian boy singing that same song.  What a WOW moment.

The second is  Melissa told how 4 year olds are left home alone all day while their parents work.  FOUR.  The same age as Lexi.  My heart just broke thinking of all those children by themselves.  What could they possibly be thinking?  Who helps them when they’re hungry?  Who hugs them when they hurt themselves?  It’s unfathomable to me.

I highly recommend you following them on Twitter using #compassionindia, reading all their posts this week (blogs listed below) and most importantly, sponsor a child.  We CAN do something about this.


The picture above is our newest Compassion child Jayapriya.  I had the girls sit with me and told them what we were doing.  Lexi sweetly said, I’ll give her some of my church money.  I told her I had the money I just needed help picking which one we’d help.  All three of us pointed at Jayapriya when we saw her.  She’s so precious!

Weekend Recap

Another weekend has flown by.

  • Friday afternoon I got off work and the four of us took off to dinner and shopping on our own.  And no, that doesn’t happen too often.  I think we were all hungry and cranky and we needed a pool liner.  The Japanese restaurant was in the same parking lot and I said just go there.  The kids had never been to a Japanese restaurant and they ended up having a fantastic time.  They loved watching the guy cook and he was great, paying special attention to them. The kids loved learning about chopsticks.  I was proud they both tried the salad but neither liked it.  The soup was a hit though. Emma LOVED the noodles and steak while Lexi went for steak and rice. Lexi declared at the end that “it’s the best day ever”.  They were begging to go back for lunch the next day but with our bill, it will be a LONG time before we go back.
  • We didn’t order a pool liner on Friday.  But we need to.  It’s already getting into the upper 80s here and we need to get started on it.  You might remember that we got a hole into it at the end of last summer after we had just bought it the summer before.  But I’m not bitter about it.
  • Saturday we got up early and went to paintball with our youth group.  I was there just to take pictures.  Unfortunately the workers wouldn’t let me get close to the courses and the girls and I ended up leaving early.  Apparently too early though as I missed the best one and where Scott got this war wound
  • MIL ended up coming by and taking the girls for the afternoon.  I ran a few errands and then laid down and ended up taking a 3 hour nap.  Fantabulous.
  • Saturday evening we had dinner at Jake and Jill’s for our Sunday School class. I made Paula Deen’s corn casserole that turned out fantabulous as well. The girls went with us but were overall well behaved.  They kept Jake and Jill busy as well as a 7 month old who was so cute belly-laughing at their antics.  They ended up falling asleep before we left.
  • Sunday was church, CVS and more church.
  • I’d also like to point out we finally got our XM radio set up in the car.  I had grabbed the Spanish version of the instructions and may I say that I actually was reading them out loud??  I guess my teach myself Spanish courses actually paid off.  The fact that we still had to call to figure it out is totally unrelated. *ahem*

The girls have their yearly checkup Thursday and I’m hosting another Mary Kay party on Thursday (anyone need anything??) and S has her ice skating recital this weekend but other than that this week should be pretty standard.

Sunday on Monday

The last 3 weeks we spent time watching Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ.  We had seen it years ago when it first came out.  I cried like a baby when we saw it.  In particular, watching the relationship between Jesus and his mother affected me as a young mother.  How could she watch him suffer so?

Most of us in the class had watched it before but yesterday.   We discussed the things we had missed the first time and there are two things that I knew but just hit me hard.

One, in the movie and in most arenas, Satan is portrayed as someone dark and ugly with hands that need a manicure and an evil sidekick.  Sometimes he has horns and tail.  Certainly we’d know to stay away.  But isn’t that exactly opposite to Satan in our lives?  He and his temptations are beautiful.  Like Bella to Edward in Twilight (oh yes I did) she was his own brand of heroin.  That’s what Satan does.  He makes sin gorgeous.  That one specific sin we could fall to.  You think you’d love it.  You’d think it’d be fun.  You think you HAVE to do it.  Never does Satan make sin look like the horrible thing that it is.  Only when  you’ve said yes and you’re miles down the road does he show his true nature.  Then, he looks ugly.  Then you see the consequences of what you’ve done.  Then you see the hurt and the regret and the pain.  Never doubt that Satan can be beautiful.  The Bible says Satan is like a lion prowling for us.  It also says we like sheep have gone away.  It is when we close our eyes and go blindly into sin that we are entrapped.  Let us be wise to the nature of Satan and have our eyes wide open to what we are being drawn into.  And not saying that the things of God are not beautiful but that’s just it…we need to be discerning!

The second eye opener was realizing why Jesus says “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” on the cross.  Why indeed?  Can God forsake his Son?   Did Jesus regret what he had done?  No, in fact, that is the moment that Jesus, fully man, took on the sins of the world.  God, in his holiness, could not look on him in his sin and for a split second in history had to turn his face from him.  For me, even more proof that Jesus took on MY sin on the cross.

We went on from Sunday School to a church service yesterday where God showed up and we actually had church instead of playing church.  Can’t tell you how much I needed that.

Like Father, Like Daughter #3

Don’t know what #1 and 2 were?  Go here.

Honest to goodness this is starting to concern me.

We’re in the van on the way home from dinner tonight and Emma asks if we can buy sparkly pipe cleaners at the store this weekend so we can make ALL KINDS of crafts with them.  Then Lexi pipes up.

“Mommy, can we PLEASE buy some toilet cleaner?” Really?  I mean, out of nowhere she asks for this.

“Are you talking about the things that make the water blue?”  It’s the only thing I can figure would interest a child.

Emma chimes in, “Mommy, it’s those things that hang on the inside that make the toilet clean.”

Lexi becomes insistent.  “No.  Mommy it’s just toilet cleaner.  I saw it at Marissa’s.  It makes the toilet clean.”

“Don’t you think our toilets are clean?” I say, a little hurt.

“Yeah.” Lexi agrees.

“So you just want them extra clean?”

“Yeah.  Can we get them please?”

Really?  I’m starting to think I should hold her birthday party in the cleaning supply aisle of Wal-Mart.