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Halloween 2009

Wow, what ANOTHER really long Saturday.  It started this morning at 6am with work of all things!  The rest of the morning progressed with the yard sale at Mom’s and back and forth with work.  Upload speeds completely failed me and I ended up having to go into work about 9:30.  I was back before too long though and we finished up the yard sale.  Once at home, I think Scott could see how tired I was and let me take a nap.  I was up just in time for him to head back to work and for us to head out for a full evening.

The original plan was for Emma to stay at IL’s to help and Lexi wanted to go to my parents’ neighborhood party so she could get on their hay ride.  Well, it ended up a tad different.  We found out Mom and Dad’s church was having a fall festival which included dinner.  I grabbed some pictures of the kids while we waited for Mom, Dad and Heather.  Once you see them, you’ll see they (especially Lexi) was having fun with that.  Once inside though, the kids completely freaked out on me and would not play a single thing and would hardly even speak a word. I guess a crowd of unknown people got the best of them.

After that was Scott’s parents’ house.  It was raining by the time we got over there but it did not stop the kids from grabbing umbrellas and going.  They made it two houses before Emma figured out it was not for her.  By the time Lexi got back, her hair, shoes and costume were absolutely soaked.  I told her it was quite fitting they wore their bathing suits under their costume. 

I happened to have some leftovers from the yard sale and Lexi changed into that but Emma decided just to sport her bathing suit.  It WAS 70 degrees this evening!  Well, the girls must have been on a sugar high because they spent probably the next 30 minutes in a wrestling match.  Scott does that with them almost daily when they are feeling a little bored.  What’s funny is Lexi says, “Daddy always wins when he’s here but when he’s not *I* win!”  She was having the best time.  And Emma, she was getting beat but you couldn’t wipe the smile off her face either. 

After a few trick or treaters trickled by we were going to head home but then the girls wanted to swing by my parents’ to trick or treat at their house.  It ended up being a full-on cookie factory.  Some great moments there too.  Emma took off her pants that irritated her…the exact reason they were in the yard sale to begin with…leaving her with an apron and her bathing suit sticking out the back.  Lexi gave us all a good laugh when she said her butt was sticking out.  Emma also had a really hard time picking out which cookie to eat.  She definitely gets her indecisiveness from me.

So here it is 16 hours later and even with my nap I’m ready to pass out and thankful we get an extra hour tonight!

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Vampire Diaries Episode 7 Review

I keep talking/chatting about Vampire Diaries after last night’s episode and I think I’m just going to have to ramble here for a bit to get it all out.

First off, if you remember at the beginning of the season, I was very hesitant about this series.  Real vampires?  Eh.  Not my thing.  But after last night’s episode, I would put this series in my Top 3 show right now.  Maybe 2 if I would be really honest with myself.  Here are just a few reasons I love it:

  • The filming is just gorgeous.  It has such a rich, dark beautiful quality to it that I just love to turn the lights out and enjoy the view itself.
  • The people are beautiful.  Seriously, all of them.  Damon is my favorite though.  But Bonnie and Matt are my other favorite to uh, appreciate.
  • It’s dramatic.  I can’t get through the commercials fast enough to see what happens.
  • It’s got great music.  The first few eps were a bit questionable but the last few eps have done well.
  • There are love triangles.  Yes, more than one.
  • There’s a good vs. evil theme to it.  And sometimes you see the good being evil and there is a glimpse of good in the evil.


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Daily Peek

I love how she has her leg. And the purse that’s almost as big as her Six going on sixteen.

I love her glasses on her head and her hand is up like “Wow”. She was being dramatic with Emma looking at the Thomas toys.

Tonight I cleaned out some kitchen cabinets and found an old paci of Lexi’s. She used to love that thing. She did her “crying baby” pose for the picture.

And these are my cabinets after I reorganized. No idea what I’ll put there in the place of…

…all the medicine I bought boxes for and put in the bathroom.

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Scooby Doo, You Know We Got a Mystery to Solve

Lexi (4): I saw this monster on TV before. He was purple and he had two arms on one side and no arms on the other.

Me: Was he scary?

Lexi: No.

Me: Well, if he’s scary, we can turn the channel if Scooby Doo is on.

Lexi: No!  They just solve mysteries, that’s all.

Back Door

After being inspired by this post, I’ve been wanting to paint our back door. Today after leaving Jake and Jill’s where they were working on the baby’s nursery, I was inspired to finally do it. I still need to get the numbers but so far I love it. Even used the same paint she recommended and it really is great.

I’m half tempted to paint the inside of the door black too. Yay or nay? *Update* I just found this post where she did the inside black and I’m SO going to do it tomorrow.  Love it!