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American Idol Top 11


Scotty – Scotty always reminds me why I love country music. He’s going to be a classic like George Strait. Love him.

Naima – While I appreciate her efforts, I think that was the wrong song to put that spin on.

Paul – One of Paul’s weaker moments. As unforgettable as it was, I hope it doesn’t put him in the bottom 3.

Pia – Amazing. I think she delivered in a way she hasn’t before. Much more emotion. But it could just be the song. So good.

Thia – Really beautiful but I don’t think enough to save her.

James – He’s verging on cocky for me and I don’t like it. Not a huge fan of this one. Boy can work a stage though.

Lauren – Favorite of hers so far. So, so perfect.

James – Fast forwarded through second half. I’m over the dramatics.

Stefano – He’s improving but still so awkward to watch. So many of the guys are light years ahead of him.

Casey – Favorite Casey moment I think. Totally back in the game this week.

Haley – Have not been a fan of hers but I think that would be my favorite so far.

Favorites: Scotty, Lauren, Casey and maybe Pia too.

In trouble: Thia and Stefano.


Alrighty, the siding is DONE!  The front will have the stone on it.  It got delivered today but seeing that it’s supposed to rain the rest of the week, I doubt we get that up until next week sometime.

As we speak, Scott is off to pick up a fireplace I found on Craigslist.  This whole time we were thinking we’d need a ventless one and it would run about $600.  Come to find out you have to have a vented one in a bedroom. Well, of course, those are $1300.  Um, no thanks.  I want a fireplace but not that bad.  But Craigslist to the rescue.  This couple has the exact vented fireplace we need that (sadly) they had gotten free after their friend gave it to them when his house plans got canceled when his wife passed away.  I will be honored to take good care of the fireplace and enjoy it even more than I had planned. (Oh and I should mention it was only $75!)

Scott will be super busy tomorrow trying to get the fireplace in, the electrical and HVAC up to snuff for code and cross your fingers, we’ll have it inspected on Thursday.  Assuming we pass, the crew can start the drywall!  Whew, if I didn’t know any better, I might think we could be done by the end of April!

Top Ten Tuesday: Simple Healthy-ish Lunches

Ever since I did the Daniel Fast I’ve forgone (for the most part) my usual lunches of Chick-fil-a, Taco Bell, leftover pizza or cereal.  To say I ate unhealthy was a bit of an understatement.  But it was just me and I was always in a hurry while doing other things during my lunch break and I just needed something to get by.  And I was a little addicted to Taco Bell.  And it’s Mountain Dew. 

However, those days are gone and I have been really good at trying to eat something of value.  Most of the time, this ends up looking like a kids’ lunch box, usually 3 or 4 snacks rolled into a lunch.  There’s nothing profound here but I feel so much better when I’ve eaten off this list!  And I guess it’s working because I’ve kept off the 6 pounds I lost during the fast!  I have to give a shout-out to Jo-Lynne and Kristi for always inspiring to eat better!

  1. Carrots with ranch (admittedly the ranch should go)
  2. Cottage cheese (full fat!)
  3. Strawberry yogurt with granola (I’ve also heard rave reviews over greek yogurt with honey)
  4. Mixed nuts (don’t expect any pecans or cashews to be left after my turn!)
  5. Garlic hummus with pita chips
  6. Fruit – whatever I have: strawberries, grapes, etc
  7. Baked potato (with only butter and salt. ok and maybe a little sour cream sometimes)
  8. Salad with balsamic vinegar and oil
  9. Tuna salad plain (with Nayonnaise (vegan mayonnaise) instead of Miracle Whip)
  10. Egg salad plain (with Nayonnaise(vegan mayonnaise) instead of Miracle Whip)

Pretty sure I should have a ton more veggies on there but that is what I’m able to conjure up for now.

What else would you recommend?

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Weekend Recap

This weekend was not in the least everything I hoped it would be.  In some cases more, but in many, it well, just wasn’t anything I wanted.

The siding didn’t go in Thursday, Friday OR Saturday as I had hoped.  Scheduling issues and the rain really put us off.  Scott worked his tail off working on the electrical and HVAC though so it wasn’t a total loss of weekend as far as the house was concerned.  And in fact, we had a good friend give us LOTS of stuff needed for the HVAC so I’m so grateful for that.

Saturday we attended Dani’s son’s first birthday party that was themed in The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  I hope she blogs about it because it was CUTE.  After that, I had many plans to go couponing and errand-running but I was plum exhausted.  This first full week of working completely knocked me off my feet.  I was lying around like  limp rag and was in bed by 8 right after the girls.

And Sunday, well, Sunday was a big pendulum.  It started out very low when our pastor announced his resignation.  Before anyone thinks something controversial happened, I need to clear up that he simply has some personal issues he needs to work on (again, nothing controversial!) and he needs to step away from full time ministry to do it.  I don’t want to be dramatic about this and make it all about me because it’s not.  But I’ll just say I’m sad.  Really sad.  I know God is doing a redeeming work in his life and I’m so grateful that he’s doing what he needs to do.  But I’m just sad.  He’s been on a sabbatical for a month and I was just telling Scott how much I was looking forward to hearing him speak again.  While we aren’t going to that church just for the pastor, I do believe that certain people are anointed to preach and he just has a gift of speaking that you can’t wait to hear again.  In the meantime, he’s planning to stay at the church as a member and I’m hoping and believing after a time, he will return as our pastor.

So from that, last night Dani and I attended Cirque du Soleil’s Totem in Charlotte.  It was fantastic being able to have a friend to talk through all that’s going on on the way and at dinner and watching the show is so awe-inspiring.  I’m always reminded how amazing God is to have created people capable and creative enough to perform what we saw.  I came away relaxed and thankful for His design.

So this rainy Monday morning I still feel a little like a dish rag.  So many emotions in one weekend.  It’s hard that nothing is happening at the house today or probably tomorrow.  Our front yard is a big mud hole at the moment.  Pretty sure we have a small moat around the addition.  But I sat in the driveway this morning and looked at all that had been accomplished, I just felt grateful at how much has been accomplished and that God is still good and He’s still in control and moving in all our lives.  What amazing grace.

The Roof. The Roof. The Roof is Installed.

Sorry.  I just had some chocolate covered espresso beans.

So if the title wasn’t quite clear enough, the shingles were put on the roof today.




And, here I panned back and you can see how it’s fitting in.  I think it looks fantastic all together and balances with the garage quite nicely!  I can not WAIT to see the stone on the front of the garage and new part!


Scott is doing more work inside like setting pot lights and electrical boxes, installing door handles and continuing to deconstruct for the hallway.  Plumber is coming in the morning and Scott still has plans to start the HVAC this weekend.

Also?  Isn’t that blue sky beautiful?  A gorgeous 70 degrees today!