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American Idol Top 12 Girls

Chelsea – First off, that was really the first I’ve seen her personal side and she seems really down to earth and sweet. As for the song, Carrie Underwood makes singing look effortless but that didn’t feel effortless. She seems like a good enough singer but maybe she ran out of umph.

Erika – She really has a beautiful big voice but the performance was lackluster. That was definitely not Cher quality.

Jennifer – Wow these girls are really picking top notch folks to be compared to. Sadly, this doesn’t compare in the least. Adele drips emotion when she sings and this felt like a karaoke number :(

Ps what is with the judges? I still miss Simon!

Brielle – What was she trying to do with that song? I don’t know. Whatever it was didn’t work for me.

Hallie – She kind of lost it towards the end but she was the first one who actually put on a decent performance. It wasn’t perfect but it was the best so far for me.

Skylar – Why does it look like she is wearing party streamers? Hm, I’m not sure what to think about that performance. She sounded good and obviously feels comfortable on stage. Just a little manic I think. I did appreciate the Reba quality to it though.

Baylie – She is so pretty but I think nerves got ahold of her or something. Parts of that were painful. Wow, judges, thank you for actually agreeing.

Tonight is not going well for me. I feel like I’m being super negative. I hope this gets better.

Hollie – Ok I’ve decided there’s something wrong with the sound. She was having a really hard time staying with the music, especially in the beginning. She has a beautiful voice though. Really hope she goes through.

Haley – ew. That was awful. She was yelling and uncontrolled and…just no.

Shannon – Now that was a great vocal. Great passion. Great performance. The only negative I would say is it felt a little pageant-y with the dress and song message. But seriously good. I had chills for like 30 seconds straight.

Jessica – The beginning was sketchy but she was amazing towards the end. I think that was the best vocal of the night so far.

Elise – Ok that still wasn’t Adele but it was gorgeous and like expected, she was comfortable on stage. Definitely one of the best of the night.

Favorites of the night: Elise, Jessica and Shannon

In trouble: Baylie and Haley

So if this doesn’t get better I’m not sure I’ll be blogging this whole season. Tonight was painful for me.

Who was your favorite?

American Idol Top 13 Guys

I went for coffee with Dani and totally forgot Idol was on tonight.  Definitely not back in the habit of watching something live every week yet.  But, don’t get me wrong, the time with Dani was way better and I’m glad I went. In any case, here are some quick thoughts!

Reed – Reed is too full of himself.  His gyrations are weird and so are his facial expressions.  His voice is beautiful and his take on the song was unique.  I don’t know, I just can’t handle his performance.

Adam – I felt like this was a bad song choice and came across cheesy.  Which is a shame because I love his story and want him to do well.

Deandre – *sigh* I love his falsetto but it did not come across well on stage.  I couldn’t understand half of what he was singing.

Colton – Colton is a smart man.  Singing a song from Twilight?  He knows his audience.  And really?  Did we know Colton could perform like that?  What a pro!  I’m impressed.  He’s no Paramore but Colton is definitely on the right track to be the American Idol.

Jeremy – Totally bored.  Sorry, Jeremy, you seem really sweet.

Aaron – Felt like he was off pitch.  Just not a good sound.

Chase – Felt like that was a bad song or he just didn’t have the umph to sing it.

Creighton – I’ll be honest, Creighton scares me a little.  But tonight I felt like his performance was reserved yet unique and beautiful.

Phil – Phil!!!  Yay!  He totally pulled it off.  Great song choice.  He sounded awesome.  Did you see Jennifer giggling after his performance?  That was basically my reaction.  LOVED IT.

Eben – That song is way too big for Eben.  Felt a little like I was at a high school talent show.  I mean, technically Eben I think is good, it’s just not enough power…or years behind him.

Heejun -  Aw, I loved his clips with his family and friends.  So funny!  But sadly, this song was not good for him.  His performance was underwhelming too.  Sad face.

Joshua – Chills!  I got chills from that performance!  He is awesome!!

Jermaine – Sadly I think they should not have given him a call back.  I’m just not a fan of his voice.


Favorites tonight: Joshua, Phil, Colton

In trouble: Deandre, Jermaine, Reed


What’d you think??

Top Ten Tuesday: Help Me Pick a Headboard

I promise I have serious thoughts rolling around my brain but today is another fun post. I got a little carried away in Photoshop trying to determine if I needed a new headboard and if I did, what it ought to look like.  Please, Photoshop experts, look away!  Look away, I say!  Just kidding, I really need your input too.

Here’s what it looks like now:



And ten options.  Saying it’s the Top 10 options might be stretching it but here are 10 nonetheless.  Also, I’m wanting to change the bedspread too but there was no way my brain could handle all those options at once.

1 – Sleigh.  Too traditional for us.


2 – The Blue Nailhead.  I think it’s too much color fighting against each other.


3 – The graphic wood.  Love, love but is it too much pattern?


4 -  The four poster.  This feels more like a master bedroom to me.


5 –The Tan Zebra (ugh, no)


6 – The Tufted Blue.  I really like this style but again, the is the blue too much color?


7 – The African.  Not formal enough?


8 – The Asian.  Not a fan of this with the lamps.



9 – The Basket Weave.  Too casual I think.


10 – The Tufted Cream.  I like this but not with the brown bedspread.


I think the four-poster one might be my favorite.  However, one of the tufted ones would be the cheapest alternative since we could just cover what we have.  What say you?

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Weekend Recap

Friday night the girls stayed at Scott’s parents’ so Scott and I spent the evening watching Big Bang Theory. It’s so silly but Scott and I are really enjoying laughing so much together.  To be honest, we haven’t done that a whole lot lately.  We’re so busy working and getting kids fed and driving them to and fro and when we’re not busy, he’s playing his video game or I’m baking or spending time at my computer or in a book and we just don’t have an occasion to laugh a lot. That sounds so sad but it’s so easy to get caught up and forget to have fun on purpose.  We are now randomly saying “Bazinga!” to one another.  It’s pretty great.

So Saturday morning we got up and listen to this fun…went mattress shopping!  In all of our years of marriage we have never, not ever bought ourselves a new mattress.  Well, Scott’s side had gotten so bad that I really felt like I was being pushed into a ditch when I rolled over to his side.  He was complaining about back aches every single morning.  When a LivingSocial deal came up, it was just the green light we needed.  We’ve also being eyeing furniture for our master bedroom.  The deal also came with a 25% coupon on any same-day furniture sales so we snatched up a lime green couch and two chairs.  And Scott would like to state for the record he picked out the lime green couch.  Seriously.  A man after my own heart.  Or, has my heart.  Or whatever.  Everyone knows I love green.


Aren’t those chairs so fun?  I love that they’re in my sight while we watch Sheldon.



I can barely take all the fun and laughter.



I guess you can’t really tell but that’s a pretty new Tempurpedic-ish mattress.



To be honest, it’s as hard as a rock and I don’t like it much.  Scott loves it a lot and it’s not actually causing me pain so I guess I’m going to live with it. I surely can’t afford one of those sleep number beds with separate sides.  Well, technically I could probably afford it if I really wanted it but I couldn’t bring myself to pay that much.  I already about had a heart attack at the cost of this one.  Did you know brand new king mattresses aren’t cheap?!

So we probably still want a new bedspread and headboard.  That black leather I think is just too severe and the bedspread reads more purple than the brown that it is. Once we get that, we can figure out the wall above the bed and of course decorate the wall with the couch.  It’s slow but it’s all coming together.

The rest of the weekend was pretty easy-going.  The kids had their cousin over for Saturday afternoon, I fixed a nice steak dinner Saturday night, we watched Dangerous Animals of Australia or something Saturday night.  Watching documentaries on Netflix is now Scott and the girls “thing”.

Sunday was church and dinner.  We went to Jason’s Deli.  We’ve only eaten out one other time since going gluten-free (oh my word at all the cooking! breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack, it never ends!).  I had to take butter and sour cream for Emma to have on her potato and also bring her cookies since she couldn’t have the ice cream.  I was officially one of “those moms” pulling food out of Tupperware from her purse.  Whatever.

Sunday afternoon and evening we did a whole lot of nothing.  The kids spent the entire afternoon playing with a neighbor and Scott had a meeting at the church.  I baked (surprise) and the kids finished up the evening playing a few computer games and watching TV while I checked out the Oscars red carpet. 

I found this note between Emma and Lexi on my desk just as Scott stopped in today for a break from work.  Speaking of laughing together, this one had us rolling.

photo (2)


Dear Lexi,

Please play Bearville on your account with me please!?

Love, Emma


Big Fat nooooooooo 

Love, Lexi


Bwahahahaha.  Can’t you feel the sisterly love?

Thoughts on what color bedspread or headboard I should get? Who wore your favorite dress on the red carpet last night? Or just say hello below!  Hope you had a great weekend!

American Idol Top 24 Review

Alrighty, folks, I can’t help it.  I’m going to be blogging American Idol this season.  Have you heard the Top 24?  I honestly think this is the most talented group we’ve seen yet.  It’s pretty unbelievable. 

I thought I’d pick a Top 10 from the 24.  It’s not 100% voice on these votes.  As you know, people vote for personality too so I’m doing the same.AMERICAN IDOL: TOP 24 SEMIFINALISTS: The top 24 Semifinalists are chosen on AMERICAN IDOL airing Thursday, Feb. 23 on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOX.

The Guys

Phil Phillips – Here’s my thing with Phil.  Every time he goes up to sing, you’re not entirely sure he’s going to pull the thing off.  He’s inconsistent.  But.  You can tell he’s made to sing.  I love how the music just explodes from him.  And he’s as cute as he can be.  Confident yet humble.  He really is a contender if he can pull off his best every week.

Joshua Ledet-  Joshua is not my normal pick but every time he sings, I’m enthralled.  I’m sure it’s the gospel vibe I’m connecting with but really?  Have you ever heard someone sing a Hallelujah that pretty?

Heejun Han – I think I have a little crush on Heejun.  He. is. hilarious.  Between his crush on Jennifer Lopez and his hatred of the cowboy, I’m just not sure I could take anymore.  What I love most is he has no clue how good he is.  Wait, wait.  I love, love that he works with special needs kids.  Oh my word, he might not be an American Idol but I think I want to be his friend.

Deandre – His falsetto is to die for and if he can just pick the right songs every time, he’s golden.

Creighton – Creighton loves himself a little too much or maybe he overcompensates because he doesn’t but I can’t deny his performance ability and voice.  He’s got the gig down already.

The Girls

Shannon Magrane – She’s got the look and wowed me with her final audition song.

Baylie Brown – She’s like cookie cutter American Idol.  I mean, seriously, if you had an American Idol machine, I think she’s what would pop out.

Elise Testone – Elise is another professional.  She’s not afraid of the stage and knows how to work it.  I think she’ll do really well in on the big stage.  She’s just not American Idol cookie cutter material.  Not really sure the voters will take to her.

Jessica Sanchez – Her voice as a lot of power and I may as well say it since we’ll hear it all season…and she’s only 16!

Jen Hirsh – Jen is amazing.  I’m just afraid her personality doesn’t have the IT factor.  I’m not saying she’s not super sweet.  I’m just not sure it will take her all the way.

Honorable mentions go to Brielle and Hollie.  Brielle has way too much attitude and Hollie I’m not sure has enough.

OK, anything can happen on that Idol stage but those are the ones I’m keeping my eye on.  Which do you like?