Flight attendants, Stone and Spring

Photo Feb 18, 9 51 44 AM

“HELLO EVERYONE!  And welcome to North Rock Hill Church!”  I had a super time filming our 5 minute intro video for our church.  You can see kind of what they do in the TenBefore video at North Point.  I sweat(ed?) a lot, had a hard time remembering to smile, my spandex only made my fat roll more prominent and I’m pretty sure I sounded like a flight attendant most of the time “please take your seat and turn off all your electronic devices” but yeah, I’m not going to lie, it was fun.  Even if they scrap it, it was good practice speaking in front of people, even if the audience was only 2 and I was reading off a screen.

Also yesterday we went to pick out the stone that will be on the front of the new addition and around the garage.  There are 3 options we narrowed it down to.  One is the cheapest but I’m not sure if the stacking looks too too busy.  We’ll have even more than this…

Photo Feb 18, 9 52 34 AM

The next two are the same price, I’m just trying to decide on color.  Also, some of these pictures show a mix between the ledge (small skinny, stacked) stone and the big stones.  This is Sagewood color in two different installations:

Photo Feb 18, 10 03 25 AM

Photo Feb 18, 9 54 11 AM

And this is the Natural Blend color:

Photo Feb 18, 10 03 02 AM

Photo Feb 18, 9 53 08 AM

Here are the last two samples at our house:

Photo Feb 18, 9 51 18 AM

I think my favorite is the Natural Blend but at 50% more cost (about $500) I’m not sure I like it THAT much more than the first one.  What say you?

And last thing, we are all in a good mood in these parts because it is going to be 76 today! The kids wore new outfits from my mom, looking very springy and happy! I can’t wait for spring!

Photo Feb 18, 9 52 14 AM

Interviews, Banks and Tae Kwon Do

photo Our Valentine’s Day dinner Saturday at Villa Antonio’s.  So. good.

I keep waiting until we are at a good stopping point to give you a good update but I guess I just need to go for it!

The addition

  • We met with the builder this weekend and have everything set in place.  He’s just waiting on a green light.
  • We are still talking to the bank about the financing.  I had hoped this would be a quick process but apparently it is not.  It could be another week or two until we are set to start.

The adoption

  • I don’t think I mentioned it but we couldn’t get in this month’s training at DSS so we have to wait until March 19.

The job

  • I got the invitation to do my interview on Monday and interviewed yesterday for the position.  It went really well and now I just wait to see what happens.  I hope it all works out to get my start date before the end of the month so I don’t have to wait an extra month for my benefits to kick in.


  • We signed Lexi up for Tae Kwan Do last night.  She starts today at the same time Emma goes to guitar.  She looks adorable in her outfit.  I think she will be great at it if it doesn’t scare her off that she doesn’t know anyone in the class.
  • I’ve continued with reading the Bible in 90 Days.  I have enjoyed it so much.  I moved into the NT this weekend and can’t recommend reading the Gospels enough.  Jesus is just so awesome.  That sounds so cliché.  But really.  He is.
  • Our church, NRHC, has asked me to host our intro video for our new series Words.  I’m so much better at writing than speaking (I say that in all humbleness…if my writing is mediocre then you should hear my speaking HA) but I’m looking forward to stretching myself and seeing how it goes!

Sunday Highlights: FAQ

Today’s Frequently Asked Question was: What is the will of God?

Romans 12:1-2

Before you can know God’s will you have to say yes to Jesus.  Your choices don’t matter until you give Him Lordship.  Once He is Lord, we are to be a living sacrifice.

God puts guard rails in our life to keep us “on the road”:

  1. Providential Will of God – God gives us freedom in many things but sometimes God says, nope, you’re doing it!  (Jonah)
  2. Moral Will – Us doing what God outlines in Scripture.  These things are not natural and culture usually promotes against His word.  God says do not conform.
  3. Personal, specific will – If you are following #1 and 2, 3 usually comes easier.  You must be surrendered before you ask…should I marry him?  should I take this job?

Ways to know his personal specific will:

  1. Make sure it doesn’t conflict with God’s word.
  2. Pray
  3. Look for open and closed doors
  4. Consult other people that have God’s best interest
  5. Must have peace

You can check out http://northrockhill.com/messages/ for the full message online.

In light of upcoming job changes, I REALLY needed that list.  I was on the right track but just a great reminder.

Sunday Highlights: Outlaws: Do Not Covet

Definition of coveting: “over-desire” of things we don’t have.  Categories of coveting:

  1. Neighbor’s life
  2. Relationship
  3. Possessions

Many people see “no’s” in the Ten Commandments but there is beauty on the other side such as truth, generosity, rest, trust and honor.  The other side of coveting is to “be content”.

Coveting is misplaced desire.

Our purpose is only in Jesus.  First commandment is to love God.  Result is the 10th – we’re content.

Treasure Jesus.  When we covet we say “I deserve” “You’re not fair’” “You owe me”.

Phil 4:11 contentment must be learned.

Secret is I can do it through Christ.  We need Him alone.  He is sufficient.  When will He be enough?

When is coveting too much?

  • Me-focused
  • We exalt ourselves, not humble ourselves
  • Stimulates evil, not good
  • Doesn’t bring God glory

What are we pursuing that will be in the trash can soon?  What do I want and why? Does God want it? 

This one pricked me in the area of possessions and specifically our home.  I always feels like the next picture, chair, wall color, lamp will make it just right.

What is the one thing/person you’re longing for that is keeping you from experiencing God?

When will Jesus be enough?

Sunday Highlights: Outlaws

Sorry I missed 2 weeks of this Ten Commandments series.  It’s certainly not because it’s not good.  Because in reality, it’s kind of kicking my butt.  A reminder today we got of the purpose of the Ten Commandments is one I want to emphasize and that is, these were written and apply to God’s people.  They are not for unbelievers to follow so they can become a child of God. Rather, they are how God’s child should act so that an unbeliever knows that they are a child of God.  And in turn, that they also know what God looks like.

So today is Exodus 20:16 what you would know as Thou shalt not lie.

He shared a Top 10 list of lies people tell including some funny ones like “I’m walking out the door right now”, “It hurts me more than it hurts you” “You look great in that”.  And some serious ones “I’ll be praying for you”, “I love you” “I do”.

Four reasons why we lie

  1. Pure corruption – get what I want, however I want
  2. Malice – trying to hurt someone
  3. Fear – children do this a lot for fear of punishment.  Could be fear of losing marriage, job or friendship
  4. Boasting – expand the truth to make you look good

9th commandment is not only about lying.  It’s more broad…do not use words that are damaging or disloyal to someone

Ways we are disloyal or damaging

  1. Lying
  2. Breaking your word
  3. Verbal assassination

Light reveals and darkness conceals.  Truth is light and it reveals.  Lies conceal.  The name Satan means deceiver.  He is the Father of Lies.  We choose darkness so we can hide.  But God calls us to His character.  He is light.  If our word is not trustworthy, consistent, people won’t ever know who God is.

Be honest with yourself.  The battle begins inside.  We lie because we believe the lie that life will be better if we do it.  Satan has deceived us.  Lying only makes life harder and more complicated.

Luke 6:45.  Your words reveal your heart.  Our hearts our corrupt.  We must draw close to God.

Challenge: Measure your words as if God were with you because He is.  We would talk a lot less and listen a lot more.  Ask God to reveal your struggles you may not even see yet.

I’m not a habitual, corrupt liar as is spoken of in reason #1 or lie just to hurt someone in #2 or even boasting in #3 above.  But if there is one area listed I struggle with time to time is lying for fear of someone being upset at me or confrontation.  It’s so enlightening for me to see that even these “white lies” have a root of fear.   Which, if you know me, fear has always been such a struggle.   Even when I think I have it trumped, it still shows up!   I’m still praying 2 Timothy 1:7 “God has not given me a spirit of fear!”

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