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Hm, this might be a long post.  Haven’t posted in a week now. 

So this past weekend is a blur.  I remember working A LOT last weekend and then finally heading to Longhorn at almsot 9pm on Friday night and then sleeping in Saturday.  OH!  Then I went to dinner with a bunch of kids going to prom on Saturday night!  Um, yeah, I said prom.  Two of the girls in the youth group I’m close to invited Scott and I and the youth pastor and his wife to dinner with them.  Two couples dropped and they had room on their reservation.  Last minute, they dropped out because they had no babysitter and then Scott wouldn’t go without him so it was just me.  I tried to back out too but they begged me to go so I did.  I felt SO lame at the house taking pictures with the others and then waving bye to all the parents when we left for dinner.  But I took the role of sexy chaperone and went with it.  Dinner was at Villa Antonio’s in Charlotte.  And it was SO good.  Definitely have to go back there with some adult couples.  The dinner was actually a ton of fun.  I drove back with them to the high school and D and I watched the rest of the people going in, as is our annual ritual. 

Sunday was normal stuff and then the same ‘ol, same ‘ol came back this week.  Nothing extravagent going on.

I’ve attempted a new tactic with Emma and the potty, creating a potty chart with new stickers.  It worked once.  She has one sticker on there.  She has since acted like she wants to go to use it but has had at least one accident I can think of.  Ugh.  One day she will get this all right.

This weekend I’m going to do a mini photo shoot at M’s house with J, her husband who took the pictures from the magazine.  I’m going to attempt to get 4 good pictures and make a comp card and possibly look into modeling.  No lingerie or swimsuits for me, just something like I did last time in a catalog or such.  I’m not getting my hopes up but it would be an extra-fun part-time job.

As for Bachelor…LOVED his picks for this week.  Bevin is definitely on the top of my list of who I think he really likes although I really like Amber.

American Idol…I liked Chris and Jordin this week.  I can’t believe how much better Jordin has gotten.  She sort of reminds me of Kelly from the first season even though she came on stronger a little earlier.  My guess is Lakisha or Chris will go though.  With 6 left, I’m getting to the point where I will really miss whoever goes and Simon was right when he said the competition started last night.

Also in the works is a DVD for our youth group to hand out at our spring festival next weekend.  Lots of work to do between now and then. 


There are a lot of things I’ve been thinking about this tragedy.  I’ve been somewhat glued to the news stories about it.  I think it is really quite interesting that he actually took the time to do all that in between the two shootings and actually had the guts to return to do more damage.  I’m not giving him props, I’m just saying I really want to hear whatever he had to say that he took that much effort to say it and understand what would lead a person to do such a thing.  It is horrid what happened.  I read some of the stories about the victims and their families and there was so much hope and future there. It is so sad.  More of what I’ve been thinking is on the spiritual level.  Only because a friend of mine has asked me questions about it. 

Number one, does a person that commits suicide automatically get sent to hell?  In my theology, no.  At one time in my life, I would have answered that differently.  I believe if a person is lost, meaning not saved, not a Christian, does not believe that we are sinners, Christ, the perfect Son of God died for us, rose three days later and is coming to get us one day kind of lost then that’s automatic don’t go to heaven ticket.  It grieves me, but I believe it to my core.  As for Christians, I simply believe once you have put your faith in Christ, nothing can take that away.  And even if you don’t confess even your last sin, it was all forgiven when you accepted Christ.  My heartfelt hope is that if someone is truly a Christian that they couldn’t feel that low and do that, that somehow the Holy Spirit inside them would stop them, but I am sure it has happened and I just plainly believe that nothing can take us out of His grip once we’re in it. 

Number two, is it God’s will that these students were killed?  This one is not as easily answered.  You have to have the big picture of your (my) theology answered to understand it.  But I’ll do my best.  The simple answer is no, it was not God’s will for these students to die.  God never wills evil or desires bad things to happen to people.  In fact I believe God is incredibly sad right now, his tears are just as fresh as the mothers and fathers of those students.  He made all 32 of those students and is grief-stricken their life was taken.  But the truth of the matter is a really long time ago, God created man and gave him free will.  And in so doing, man CHOSE evil.  One evil, no matter what it is (white lie or murder or any disobedience of God) was enough to mar the perfection of God’s creation and God cursed man and He cursed the woman and He cursed the land.  And in the same way a lemon seed only produces lemon, man could only produce sinful, cursed man.  And hence we have 6 billion sinful men with free will.  And this 23 year old one CHOSE to kill 32 people on April 16, 2007.  Did God will that?  No!  God detests evil.  Can God use that in His plan? Yes, that is why He is God and not I.  I choose to believe that in all things, God works all things together for those who love Him and He can and will bring something good out of this for someone.  People will draw closer to Him for comfort.  People will realize their paths could be short and change it.  Is that WHY it happened? No!  But God is gracious and merciful enough to love us through this and comfort those families and bring something good out of it.  He is just as sad and is mourning those people like we and their families are. And even for the killer.  You know, it’s easy for me to have this viewpoint but God created him too.  And He really wanted a relationship with him.  He didn’t want all this evil and anger for him.  He had a perfect plan for him but he chose not to accept that.  I don’t know if it had ever been presented to him but the fact that he talks about Jesus in his writings makes me think he had and had rejected him.  And that makes God sad too and certainly wasn’t His will.  Which as a Christian, gives me a burning desire to spread God’s love and let people as lonely and angry and depressed as him know that there’s more out there.  That there’s a God that loves them no matter who they are or how much money they have or what they look like.  And God has a perfect plan for them filled with blessings and love and joy.  I can’t imagine my life without that.  God has kept me close to His side [as much as I would let Him] for almost 22 years now and I’m just so thankful.

Top 7 Results

The wicked witch is dead…er…different show, same feeling.  Woot!  I can’t believe it finally happened!  I also can not believe Blake was in the bottom 3.  Grr.  Next week should be fantastic, I wonder what the theme is!

Updat: Just for clarification, I’m not likening Sanjaya to a witch.  In fact, I think Sanjaya seems like a really cool, funny guy.   I’m just trying to say the relief is there…

Bucky Covington

Bucky’s album came out today and I got to listen to the whole thing.  I was shocked and amazed.  He sounded REALLY good on there.  Not all the songs were great songs but he has a fantastic recording voice.  His voice reminded me of George Strait but it’s very distinct.  He may not be the best performer/dancer ever but I think he should get some good radio hits out of this one.  Really impressed.  Maybe because my expectations weren’t high, I’m not sure, but it’s worth checking out.

AI Top 8? 7?

Tonight was interesting.  Went well for some, bad for others.

Phil – wow, my very favorite performance of his.  maybe he won’t go this week after all and maybe he does have a career in front of him

Jordin – i don’t know if it was my favorite. she faltered there in the chorus somewhere but i love how she isn’t holding back.

Lakisha – i’m so off this train.  i don’t want her to go soon, but i don’t want her to win either.

Melinda – wow.  amazing.  does she know how to tell a story or what?  i love simon’s comment about tina turner.

Chris R. – poor guy.  i wanted to give him a hug.  i didn’t really like the song or the performance.  he sounded too nasally to me too.

Sanjaya – that could have been good.  and if he had pulled that one out, he would have easily made top 5.  but his voice was weak.  and bad.  some of it hurt.  please go this week.

Blake – in the words of randy…not sure if it was my fay-vorite performance of yours ever, but you did your thing, dawg.

go blake!