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Emma Swinging

Emma reached a new milestone today. She was able to get on the swing, start swinging by herself and then get THIS HIGH with no help at all.



OTH Blog April Report

Report on my OTH Blog…for those that don’t know, it started up in December 2007.

Wow, so April was not nearly as good as March. The writer’s strike really hurt. But, wow, numbers are looking up the past few days as OTH is closing in on it’s season finale. May should be a fabulous month! So my hopes are up even those these numbers aren’t!


As it shows, the beginning of April was slow (compared to the 43K high towards the end of March).  You can see we hung in the 15-20K average outside of peak days.  The past three peaks were the past 3 episodes, yesterday peaking right at 40,000 page views…very close to our pre-strike highs.   So you can see we’re on the upswing there.

Wow, I’m sounding all annual report-ish.

So, let’s get down to the mula cause I know that’s what you’re interested in.  These are not exact since today is technically the last day and we still have half the day to go.

BlogHerAds – $400
Adsense – $150
Kontera – $25
Linkshare – $9

That’s a total of $584.  I STILL think I could do much better on Adsense and with over 575K page views for the month, BlogHerAds could have been a little higher but it was better than a lot of other PPI ad systems.

I’m glad I met the $100 threshold on Adsense again so I will get paid next month.  I think I’m finally over the threshold on Kontera so I FINALLY will get paid from them.

Overall I’m happy with the month.  It’s more than I thought because of the strike but honestly I wished for more since last month was so good.  No real complaints though when those checks come in!

Speaking non-numbers though, the site involvement really, really took off last weekend after I added a few commenting plug-ins.  I added the Subscribe to Comments as well as a plug-in to show the top 10 commenters on the sidebar.  For some reason, I think the readers REALLY like seeing their name over there lol.  I’ve also tried to put more of my opinion in the post instead of simply posting news and I think it sparks quite a bit of conversation.  Our RSS readership has also doubled this month, today showing 211 readers!

Oh, oh AND I now have had a reader volunteer to make us a banner for the site and it looks’s up now.  The same person also volunteered to type up the transcripts for this season since NO SITE has them.  I did offer her some compensation for doing it though since I know it will take awhile.  Several people have left info/links to new news I hadn’t posted on so it’s really great people are starting to feel ownership in the site.

We also have been having quite a few links from the fan forums and that ALWAYS boosts numbers.  Some are even referring to it as “oth blog” and most know what they mean…so the word is definitely getting out!

I do have to say that it IS a lot of work.  When we were on vacation this weekend, there was no break.  If you don’t have news up even for a day, people wonder where you are and why you’re not updating.  The Internet is quite fickle like that.  In fact, I think a lot of people are getting interest in this site because we update so frequently and quickly.  There are a few established sites that just aren’t updating as in the past and I would bet their numbers are really suffering.  That being said, you only can do so much.  I’m constantly looking for info for the site and I think I could find some fans that are interested in helping update but I just can’t trust anyone to do it honestly.  If anyone is interested in doing something like this, please be aware it IS a commitment and if you want it to be successful, just like any start-up you have to work at it.

In any case, I’m very excited about next month.  Ownership is up, readership is up, season finale is coming up..which means my $$ will be up!!

AI Top 5

Um, can we just get rid of round 1 and pretend it never happened? I didn’t really like anyone’s song.

And I MUST comment on Paula’s commenting. Oh my, what a mess-up. She seemed out in la-la land. Did they not discuss what was expected of them? Is she even watching the show? I thought you sang twice already?? That woman is something, I tell ya.

As for the last round..

Jason – I love me some Jason Castro. I will absolutely love his album. I could listen to him forever. But tonight was just ok. I think he’s in real danger tonight.

David Cook – I really liked this song. I think he’s good at picking songs that will make the ladies swoon.

David A – Hm, he’s getting a little boring to me. He’s a great singer for sure. No doubt. But I’m thinking his age his hindering him at this point. He’s still not doing well at taking compliments. He seems so nervous he’s about to cry.

Brooke – I liked this second performance. Do I think the vocals themselves were fantastic? No, but I saw more of a happy Brooke tonight and although her first song was way too low for her and choppy and just sort of weird to me, it was good to at least see her not about to break down in tears. I like happy, fidgety brook over teary-eyed fidgety Brooke.  I don’t know, I just think Brooke came out fighting tonight.

Syesha – I’ve been saying this for weeks. She’s boring to me. But tonight she wasn’t boring. Tonight she was old-fashioned to me. I just don’t see her as the American Idol.

Best tonight by far was David Cook.

I think Syesha might go.

Go to BooMama’s for more opinions.

Bible Study Week 3

Ok, that last one got long so I decided to go ahead and do this one separately.  Click below for the full version.

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Bible Study Week 2

Somehow I forgot about posting last week’s study. I’ll try to do both of them here. A lot of it is lists of things.

OK, this got REALLY long, click to see the rest…if anyone is actually reading this, let me know. It takes awhile to write these up and I don’t want to spend the time doing it if no one cares…just sayin’. You won’t hurt my feelings but I’m putting this up hoping a few are interested.

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