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So it’s day 3 of Scott working all days.  I know this is normal for A LOT of people that their husbands work M-F all day but Scott hasn’t done that in years.  And none since I started working at home.  But really, it has been a great week.  I don’t know if my mom is praying a lot for us or I’ve prepared myself mentally (and organizationally) for this but it’s been great, really.  I don’t mind taking the kids to school.  They’ve been so well behaved at home.  No major messes to clean up.  No fighting.  Not even much whining.  But I’ve only had one conference call and Lexi was asleep then so that helps.  And I’ve gone to the gym both nights which has really helped get some energy out.  I’m sore, but it feels great.  I feel like I haven’t seen him much though since he’s gone all day and then I spend at least an hour gone in the evening.  He’s been so tired from getting up and he hasn’t slept well this week so we don’t even get time late at night together.  I am sure this will get old fast.  But for now, it’s good.

Vehicle Update

So Scott was able to drive the Jeep home yesterday and was able to drive it to work today.  He tried to change that part last night but the part store gave him the wrong one and they have to order the correct one which will be in Friday.  Hopefully I won’t have to go pick him up this afternoon and hopefully this part will buy us some time (and money) on getting a new vehicle.

Vehicle Issues

So our Jeep has left both Scott and I stranded seperately.  Currently it is sitting at the Highway Department.  Since he is working in the office every day now this is an issue.  For now, his sgt. is picking him up in the morning and we’re hoping it starts so he can drive himself home.  Scott really wants to buy D&D’s Durango they have for sale.  And I do really need a vehicle to drive into work when I need to so I don’t have to borrow my dad’s car when I go.  But a Durango is not good with gas and it’s really more money than I want to spend right now.  We still haven’t heard the final word on our whole ebay scam yet and that is a lot of back up money/down payment we don’t have anymore.  So I don’t know what we’ll do if we still can’t get the Jeep home tomorrow.  Scott’s friend did say that he thinks he knows what the issue is and could fix it only for $14.  Which is great.  But Scott still doesn’t want me to drive it to work so it doesn’t fix that problem.  I don’t know what we’ll do but I expect some sort of vehicle exchanging in the near future.


OK, it’s 10:28.  About 30 minutes before Lorenzo shows the world who he picked.  I told a coworker after the FIRST episode that Sadie was my pick and she would AT LEAST make top 5 if not win the whole thing.  I fully expect Sadie to be picked tonight and will be SHOCKED if he doesn’t.

Supposedly Lorenzo was on a Charlotte radio station today and hinted at the fact that he picked Sadie.


updated at 10:52

Seriously?? Like seriously??  I can not believe he didn’t pick Sadie.


So where have I been?

 I went to the office last Wednesday.  Left around 2 as a gift from the managers.  Which kind of stunk because it was the last day I will probably go to the office for awhile..more on that in a minute. 

Thanksgiving day we spent lunch at Mom’s and then went home for naps and then dinner at Scott’s grandmother’s.  It was all pretty relaxing, no drama to report.

Mom kept the girls Thursday night so instead of getting up before the crack of dawn to shop Friday morning, we decided to sleep in.  Very nice.  The rest of Friday was spent getting the tree up.  Friday night we went to Sake for MIL’s birthday and came home and watched Match Point–not good.

Friday night Emma stayed with MIL so I got up Saturday and cleaned almost the whole day.  Very nice to get a bunch of it done.  Saturday night was spent watching Over the Hedge–it was ok, kids weren’t impressed much.

Sunday was a very full day at church.  The choir sang at a funeral and also started practice early for the cantata at 4.  So I really was at church all day long.

And today…oh today.  Today Scott started work back today.  He goes in 7-3 every. day.  Ugh, I’ve always claimed I couldn’t work from home without the help of Scott 2-3 days a week and I hope I prove myself wrong for at least a couple of weeks.  This morning went fine and I’m not stressed at all.  But of course it took some preparing last night.  Got their bags and outfits ready.  And I’ve had to prepare myself for having to cart the kids back and forth 3 times a week myself.  I do have to admit it’s nice having a quiet house though.  No complaining about clothes in the floor (not that there are any right now) or empty cups on tables (only 1) or having to answer computer questions or listening to loud cell phone conversations.  Yes, there are some perks.  But I’m sure it will get old fast.